25th of May will see ten movies being released in India.

Recipe for disaster: Release your film the same day as Men In Black 3…  but maybe not. let’s not be pessimistic.


I haven’t watched Department yet, but reading the reviews I know I will want to see something easily digestible afterwards.  So I looked around to see what’s coming next.

I am not into violence and I am debating if I even want to see RGV’s brutal and gory flick. For all eventualities I’ll  have a shawl with me under which to hide in typical female fashion when it gets too violent, but from what I understand the whole movie is a bloody roller-coaster.  Why bother you will ask.  Being obsessed with Bollywood movies, I will leave my comfort zone just to know what’s ticking in India’s tinseltown. I take whatever blows over from India, from action to regional punjab. I am impressed by the quantity of movies being released on one day.

Cricket season must be over. Let’s see what’s cooking. Starting with MIB 3.


Not that I anticipate MIB 3 to be cinema’s alpha & om(ega), but it’s going to be huge in India too.  Let’s look at the collateral damage that could be in the making:


 Arjun, being animated, targets [probably] the young audience.  I would love to see this movie because it’s mythology-based, telling the story of Arjuna, the great warrior depicted in the Mahabharata. If it comes to the US, I will definitely go and see it.  I bet it will do well at the box office or for sure later on on DVD ( hopefully people won’t opt for a pirated version). I don’t think MIB 3 can hurt it.


Love Recipe:

a comedy. Most likely aimed at single screen theaters. Not even one name rings a bell. It sounds goofy.

D.J. Rahul Kher  is in love with Tia, a bubbly girl who happens to be the daughter of retired I.G. of police Pratap Singh who post retirement has suddenly decided to become Hindustani in every sense of the word.  Until here it sounds fun but then the plot thickens..

my gut feeling says…….  ok, my gut is often wrong. Let’s say it won’t make it to the Oscars.




Rahe Chardi Kala Punjab Di

a regional punjabi movie.  will survive in Punjab.



item song Latto

..may as well watch Department…



Dhama Chaukdi

I love the sound effects of the trailer… gives me an indication that it’s going to be showing in single screen theaters. Four underworld dons are battling it out. howdi..



Yeh Khula Aasman

a coming of age movie…



Love, wrinkle-free

portrait of a dysfunctional family in Goa. sounds fun.



A spy is placed in a village in Madhya Pradesh, where an industrialist  is trying to set up a milk factory and create employment for his villagers


Chutki Bajaa Ke

touching upon child labor.


I would go for Love Wrinkle-Free but I doubt it’s coming here to the US






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