Gauri is turning to politics


…and you thought, Interior Design, right? Relax, she might still decorate your luxury penthouse. The politics I talk about is marital politics. Several articles mention that Gauri has not been seen in public at her husband’s side for quite a long time now, everyone is scratching their heads.. Can it be attributed to Srk misbehaving and cursing in public? smoking in public? slapping B figures in BW Tinseltown?  is it now SRK against the world, as some call it and does that world include Gauri?



Not to appear in public together could be interpreted as a symptom of marital discord. Should we care? of course we care.  As for me, Shahrukh is my first Bollywood love. When I discovered BW I watched ALL of his movies (even though I started cheating after that mission was accomplished, you can call me now a BW nymphomaniac). So whenever Srk gets press, may that be positive or negative, my ears become star trekky pointy and my radars slide out and zoom zoom hover hover over the various Indian media outlets. So now I am starting to ask myself… Hey, Boss, Kya Hua, Shahrukhie, what’s going on…

Once again,  we don’t know what happened exactly at Wankhede Stadium. But does it really matter?  We see photos of an enraged Srk, with veins popping. My goodness, what anger! It’s not important what it was that enraged him, it’s the fact that he is so out of control and makes me wonder what’s going on with him.  Maybe there is some marital friction.  Gauri staying away from public outings at his side.  Is he so easily inflammable lately BECAUSE there is trouble at home? because his last movies weren’t lovingly embraced by the public? a marital or career-related slump?

The key to all questions can be found with Gauri. She is a lovely woman and she keeps her mouth shut, but all these little scandals must get to her. Maybe it’s her way of trying to veer him back into her direction using marital politics. Hey, Mr. Superstar, she is saying… you let me go alone to Hrithik Roshan’s birthday bash, you didn’t come to Ritesh and Genelia’s wedding, you barricade yourself with Priyanka in your trailer to vent about ME, to talk about US?  We go to a party and you start slapping guests? Enough. Go to your cricket matches alone.  I just went all these years to do YOU a favor…This kind of thing plays out every day in relationships. If you don’t do this, I won’t do that.

This is what I call marital politics.  And after years of being a poster wife we see Gauri waving the red flag and stepping on the barricades all for sudden.  Marriage is a hard thing for any mortal. Imagine how hard it must be when you have everything in life you could wish for, money and fame to do anything you want? We all agree that things get particularly tough when you  either have nothing or you have too much.

But apart from that, most of married life is negotiating. It’s politics. Tit for Tat.  M.I.A?  We might be seeing  Gauri just playing her trump cards.

I cheer for Gauri.  Do your luxury penthouses, but sit the hubby down and tell him to behave. No more angry explosions.  Can we adore someone who throws tantrums? and I don’t care how justified they might be… In public, Be dignified.  We want to look up to stars, not down. It’s disillusioning.

It’s the public who creates their stars, enables them to lead those glitzy life styles.  Somehow they owe us.  At least some good behavior! That’s not much too much to ask for. Is it?

I hope Gauri throws in her political clout and gets him back on page One.

I don’t want to see this star loosing his luster and turn into a red dwarf. I love my little star. I want him to be bright and shining.


One thought on “Gauri is turning to politics

  1. I so much agree with you ;) You have said the exact Gauri – Srk late story! And i also think that if this marriage can still be saved, it is in Gauri’s hands, As for srk he has to reconsider what’s right and wrong for him at this age (not meaning he is getting old just that over-reacting at every single thing is not cute anymore, it’s kind of disturbing).

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