Bollywood’s hot item girls (and hunks)

No other film industry can brag about item numbers, as a matter of fact they don’t have them. And if you ask what’s an item number or an item girl, then you haven’t seen a Bollywood movie. Item girls, item songs, are traditional elements in Indian films.

Unrelated to the storyline of the movie, an attractive super sexy girl will appear, in a nightclub setting or dancing in the streets, around a fire, you name it, where she will perform an item number, a single song sequence.

Bollywood has elevated the item number to an art form.

Do you have a moment? :-) then check these out…

and who doesn’t remember Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai..

Chaiya Chaiya from Dil Se

Preity Zinta in Mein Aur Mrs. Khanna

Katrina Kaif in Agneepath

In the early day of Indian film courtesans used to perform these numbers, but over the years item numbers have become reputable, in fact so reputable that even our greatest Bollywood actresses and hunks perform them now, like Shahrukh Khan, Shahid, Hrithik.

Hrithik in Dhoom 2


2 thoughts on “Bollywood’s hot item girls (and hunks)

  1. Totally relate to the last one… It was the first time I saw Hritik and it hit me like a lightning bolt! The man can definitely move *arf*! :-)
    OK, I’ll clean the drool now.
    What about Ohm Shanti Ohm? Can’t decide if it’s worth watching or not… your thoughts?

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