may I have a word with BiG Cinemas USA? “What the..#$@!”


What’s going on Big Cinemas USA? 10 movies opened on the 25th of May.  None of them showed on Long Island. There is one that has popped up all for sudden overnight and you can’t find a review on it, or any mention in any reputable media outlet…Taur Mitran Di. a Punjabi movie. I read up on the Indian film industry but I never heard of this one.

There are a few movies which would be much more appealing, like  Arjun for example. That would have been a much better choice since NRI parents want Indian mythology to be part of their kids’ upbringing.

We get a movie like Dangerous Ishq when it’s clear that Ishaqzaade has outperformed it in India. So why can’t we get Ishaqzaade here?

I cannot even count the times that we were deprived of nice Indian movies that had a good opening in India but never made it to NY.

And don’t I loooooove Big Cinemas reward system!!!!  I am kidding of course.  I have a card that I present when I buy my ticket, and since I see almost every movie that gets released here I am accumulating points and apparently free tickets but I can’t reap the benefits since a movie must have been playing for 10 days before I can redeem the free ticket. But movies are playing rarely longer than a week! so all this card does is make me angry cz it’s basically USELESS!

If you want to share your soda with somebody, bring your own cup because those paper cups are COUNTED. god forbid one goes missing!!!

I love Bombay theater in flushing. The staff is so very nice and accommodating but they look seriously depressed. Where is the advertisement to bring more customers to the now renovated theater? A better reward system would bring more customers. If snacks are too expensive people will bring their own snacks.

If you want to write to Big Cinemas USA, good luck. The website has been under maintenance for the last 100 years!

Altogether, I think, whoever is in charge up there must be pretty incompetent. The American market could be cracked open because Bollywood movies are a lot of fun but at the rate it’s going hopes must be dwindling. Between inadequate subtitling, poor distribution and marketing skills and other stupid mistakes it seems to be truly a Mission Impossible to get Bollywood rolling in the USA.


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