Shahrukh Khan – from smoking hot to smoking angry to just smoking…

Ok, we got it. Smoking is bad for you. And it’s bad for Shahrukh. In many more ways than one.


from most beloved to angry superstar, to fined and bad-rep superstar. All he needs now for his image is a court order for cigarette smoking.  Srk Marlboro Man under fire. It’s a good thing he was in Pune when the guys showed up with the summons, because lately his fuse got short. Maybe that’s also the fault of cigarettes..

Thankfully we live in a free world. If we want to destroy ourselves with our bad habits that’s our prerogative. I hate the fact that Srk is smoking. but I love the fact that, at the end of the day, it’s HIS business. I am surprised. The witch-hunt on smoking is on, even in India, land of the… I don’t want to say lawless, but let’s admit where you can get out of a traffic ticket waving with a 100 rupees bill….

Hey it’s not that cigarettes are outlawed in movies… we see stars smoking in movies ALL THE TIME but dare you light up in REAL LIFE! slap slap slap on your wrist. Bad boy. Don’t do everything you see in the movies. like drinking yourself senseless, using drugs..beating up people, shoot them in the back, crash cars that are in your way while your being chased. Kill kill and kill some more…

In the movies everyone can get away with murder. In real life you light up a cigarette, you leave a hairline scratch  on someone’s car while getting out of a tight parking spot and the law comes running after you.

our double standards. BTW, why don’t get other movie stars flak?

check out these guys.. you think they smoke only in bathrooms and where it’s allowed????



I am glad I quit that nasty habit and more and more smoke-free zones are in the works worldwide, but I think smokers should be granted the freedom to choose.  Let’s clean up chemical plants, let’s turn our cars green. Let’s reduce our carbon footprint, get rid of plastic packaging, pesticides that seep into our ground water etc and THEN lets go after our smokers :-)








3 thoughts on “Shahrukh Khan – from smoking hot to smoking angry to just smoking…

  1. Smoking is unhealthy! It’s a good thing that you’ve stopped! And as for Sharukh and all the stars out there, basically to all the poeple out there, lets hope that everyone will quit smoking :)

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