Teri Meri Kahaani


Teri Meri Kahaani didn’t live up to my promise, I am afraid. But if you enjoy the old Hillary Duff flicks, then you will like this one…

It had its redeeming qualities.  Some of the songs are really catchy. Great sets and locations. Shahid and Priyanka always nice to watch, even though I take points of for Shahid’s stylist. 60s and 2012 haircuts sucked. It seems that only in Lahore in 1910 they knew what looks good on our glorious hunk Shahid.  the haircut didn’t seem to deter the female attendance. Our Bombay Theater in Queens was packed to the rim!!

Maybe I have just outgrown the phase in life where I think legions of LOLs and smiley faces and dull one liners in twitterverse are fun to watch when bleeped onto the movie screen. If that’s what our era will leave as a legacy we’re doomed.

This movie shines being mostly dialogue-free. I mean who needs dialogue anyways? so overrated in a romcom….

Also, I thought in the first part where the jodi meets on the train the director decided it should have elements of a silent movie, so you thought Charlie Chaplin or the Marx Brothers are about to jump out on the screen…

Teri Meri Kahaani was highly uneven throughout. It had some nice elements but it felt patchworked, laboured. Silly. Sound editing was horrible. It had some major flaws. but I will also admit that I had a good time watching it. Nothing in life is perfect. So what if this movie had its flaws, it was still very entertaining.

Kunal Kohli shows great promise as a director and I am very hopeful that his next movies will be more polished as he is gaining more experience.







1 thought on “Teri Meri Kahaani

  1. Another amazing review — you’re good! You point out the flaws inTeri Meri Kahaani –without denying that it can be entertaining. Many thanks, Barbara

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