Akshay turns vegetarian :-) Oh My God, is that true?

Yes, at least for the time filming OMG,  cuz he is afraid Lord Krishna will come down hard on him if he doesn’t.

Meanwhile he has released a poster riding through the sky on a Harley Davidson which Lord Krishna has definitely given his blessing for… (don’t know bikes too well but that’s what it looks like) – that, Iam sure would be his favorite mode of transportation if he were born today…. :-)

I think it’s a nice gesture on part of Akki to turn vegetarian. It’s so easy in India to be a vegetarian. OMG, there are so many delicious dishes to taste, you practically never would have to eat the same meal twice in your entire life time!  I would love to move to India for that reason alone!!


The film stars Akki as Lord Krishna  and Paresh Rawal as the challenger of fate.

The movie is based on Umesh Shukla’s Gujarati play Kanji Viruddh. All kind of miraculous things seem to be happening in an ordinary man’s life. The movie is directed by newcomer Ashwini Yardi and is expected to be released in late September.


Can’t wait to see Akshay and Paresh battling it out. But wait a minute…. they are also bound to appear together in Khiladi 786… they are filming right now. Exciting.





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