Golmaal in disguise: Bol Bachchan

Don’t get confused by the trailer, it’s not another Golmaal sequel. That will hit us 2013 if God is willing.

Rumor is that Golmaal’s director Rohit Shetty approached Ajay for Golmaal 4  (for a moment I lost count), who turned it down arguing that it might be box office suicide coming out every year with a new Golmaal.  Amen. But that’s not the end of it. Hey, it made money, didn’t it? So let’s make the same kind of movie with a different name.

Let’s call it Bol Bachchan, so we can rake in a genetically verified Bachchan, and then we come out with Golmaal 4 the year after…(unless the Mayan calendar proves to be legit…and there won’t be ANYmore movies at the horizon after 21 Dec 2012..only dust clouds. Hehe, I don’t think the Mayan calendar took Bollywood into consideration….The Incas couldn’t predict THAT. Golmaal 4 is already in pre-production and will steam forwards through the end of time..)

I hope you haven’t missed the other masterworks:

Golmaal Fun Unlimited, 2006.

Golmaal Returns, 2008.

Golmaal 3, 2010

The never ending Golmaals are a mystery to me. These movies are loud and shrill and silly BUT they seem to make people happy, and mindless fun is king. So off we go, let’s get wasted and check out the Golmaal lookalike feelalike Bol Bachchan to bridge the time.

Hey and we liked the All the Best: Fun begins, which Shetty threw in just for the fun of it in 2009…

Rohit Shetty keeps the industry going and Ajay’s career afloat. If I wouldn’t know any better… isn’t Kajol married to Ajay?




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