Irrfan Khan’s itzy bitzy Spiderman part

climbed up the water spout, down came the rain and washed our Irrfan out…

okay, let’s say he was mumbling a little bit. I could hardly understand what he said in his Spiderman villaini role (he usually speaks so clearly and articulate… ) but he looked nicely threatening, in his understated way. I hope in the sequel they’ll give him a bit more room to show HOW GOOD of an actor he is!

I thought the movie was a little tedious given that most of us watched the last Pre-Amazing Spiderman with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, unless we were born five years ago. The Amazing had better acting altogether, lighter and darker moments but not enough to contrast it from the last one.  Andrew Garfield’s voice wasn’t strong enough, he had some fine moments,  but Emma Stone was shining and I liked her much better than Dunst. But I guess that’s a matter of taste.


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