I just watched the trailer today for the first time on Namaste America. Not a big fan of Farah’s husband, whatshisname,  just kidding, but this movie looks like idiotic, moronic  and mega sillyonic fun. Not to be missed.



Maybe it’s just because I love Akki to death.. he can do no wrong in my eyes :-)

But a movie making fun of crop circles and UFOs is right up my alley.

I hope the movie is as much fun as its trailer.   And If it is, I take everything back I ever said about Shirish Kunder.  Or half of it.  Three quarter.

Oh man, I am just like a Bollywood villain, who at the very end of the movie asks the audience for forgiveness.  Be that as it may, I hope the movie will do well, not for Shirish exactly, who’s been mean to my idol Srk,  r’member that? but for Akki’s sake.

Ever since Slapgate, I’ve waited to thrash this movie, but now that I’ve seen the trailer, the wind is out of my sails and I am actually looking forward to it. But don’t be surprised if I go back to bashing once I’ve seen the whole film :-)

Bottomline, of course, is that I want EVERY Bollywood movie to succeed at the box office, since it keeps my passion well-financed and floating.  Wishing Shirish, Akki, Sonakshi and everyone else all the best for Joker’s release in August.

Question is, will it release here in the US?



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