Ek Tha Tiger roars with stunts and top stunt-crew

India has come a long way what concerns credible action scenes. I used to laugh at action sequences that were accompanied by somewhat childish sound effects and I always felt bad for these poor gutsy stuntmen who took a beating and/or were thrown around sets. Let’s face it, they belong to Bollywood’s great many unsung heroes. I wonder sometimes what kind of health issues they have to face as they are getting older.  A-listers can afford good medical care, physio-therapy and the likes, but what about all the side-kicks who put their lives on line for a few bucks…. do you ever wonder? but that’s besides the point.

Lately the quality of action scenes in BW movies has gone ten notches up. Special effects are getting increasingly better and are much more sophisticated, which might take the edge of some of the more dangerous stunts.  Ding dong sound effects have been also pretty much abolished and are mostly used now in masala movies that cater to the 80s styles.

When it comes to action sequences in Bollywood movies now, I am not laughing ANYMORE.   I go….WOWWWW!

Salman Khan, who discovered in the last few years (after a couple of flops in the BW romance department)  that people prefer to see him as a macho hero, fighting, the more the better, with just a dash of romance (to get the ladies excited),  has honed his action skills in Wanted (2008), Dabangg (2010), Ready (2011) and Bodyguard (2011).

In better physical shape than ever (even if he has battled quite a few injuries!) Sallu has surprised us with lots of impressive action scenes and in Ek Tha Tiger, which hits the theaters next month, he will pull out all the stops.

Salman’s call to arms has brought together a whole team of stunt experts from camp Hollywood and Bollywood. Whether for scenes in hand-to-hand combat or for the various chase sequences he has recruited an elite stunt director from Hollywood: Conrad Palmisano from  Rambo, Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour..nm0003886

Stunt coordinator is Markos Rounthwaite, who worked on the Bourne Ultimatum and Ironman.   nm0745775
Kabir Khan, Ek Tha Tiger’s director stated that  stuntmen and action crew were pulled together from  12 different countries. The action scenes were filmed across various continents:  India, Turkey, Iraq, Cuba and Ireland. He is confident that this movie will redefine the idea of action movies in Bollywood.

Kabir Khan wrote and directed  one of my favorite BW movies, Kabul Express (2006) and directed the movie New York (2009). He wrote the screenplay for Ek Tha Tiger and directed it.


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