Salman and Katrina, ok, wazzup?

Every self-respecting Bollywood fan has been following with  interest this volatile love story. I wouldn’t call it Romeo & Juliet, but it’s kind of obvious that even after they split the chemistry between these two superstars is still going. You just need to check out the trailer for Ek Tha Tiger to understand that we are a far cry from Ek Tha Katrina :-)

Salman has  subtle ways luring his formerly first lady back into his life. Maybe these two just needed some time off? Personally, I think they make a GREAT couple. Both have been half-heartily bouncing around checking out other options but for some reason they always come back together, amicably. There is something to be said about that…  Salman is really at a stage in life where he has achieved everything he has set out to do. Now it’s just a question of keeping body and mind healthy and happy. Health has been an issue for him lately and we just have to wonder if Katrina’s oxytocin levels have risen at the same rate as Salman’s health troubles… Boyfriends, ex as they may be, I always feel, are women’s field practice for kids. Taking care of them, nurturing them, feeling needed is our greatest joy. As long as they are grateful recipients we are all too happy  showering them with our maternal blissy side. It’s when they become demanding or complacent that the honeymoon ends.  Salman is a lucky S.O.B  to have roped his Katrina back into his life. Of course he is seasoned what concerns women and knows which cords to pull, but he is getting older and wiser. Katrina is still young but he offers a haven in these wild Bollywood waters. I don’t know what the astrologers say but I think these two could make it.

She may not be able to reform him, but he might do that just on his own accord. I hear he gave up smoking, boozing and that’s what I call a good first step into a woman’s heart :-) good breath and better judgement. We shall see how the saga continues post Ek Tha Tiger.

I somehow want to see a happy ending for this story, actually not an ending but a new beginning.



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