in love with Deepika Padukone

I know I shouldn’t talk this way, being a woman and all. But I just can’t help myself.  Yesterday I went to see Cocktail, the new movie produced by and starring Saif Ali Khan and Wonder-Women Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty. All eyes were naturally on Penty, who made her Bollywood debut with this movie, an impressive one what’s more, but I couldn’t unglue my eyes from Deepika, who plays Veronica,  and who lives life in London’s fast lane camouflaging wounds from the past by acting out as a party queen, as the It-girl.

As Veronica, she is a tortured soul battling loss and abandonment issues and she hides a great deal of vulnerability under her contemporary, sleek fashionista appearance.  Audiences and critics were surprised that the hi-five feel-good movie morphed into melodram during the second half.  I wasn’t. I thought Deepika’s deeply-layered performance reflected already a storm to come. Not only did I love her character but she made me believe it.  Had Deepika been born roughly two millennia back in Greece or Rome they would have worshiped her as the goddess Artemis or respectively, Diana. Or at least she would have personified them in their amphi-theaters.

I was awe-struck when I saw her first in Om Shanti Om (2007) She showed such confidence and poise already in her Bollywood debut. Deepika puts meat into her roles!

Her performances shoot like arrows. Even in roles that show her vulnerability, she never wants to be pitied. And that’s her.  She can get angry, like any self-respecting goddess, she can charm you, seduce you, she can get hit by life, abandoned by her lovers, but she will not be submissive.  Not Deepika.  So I think she OWNED the movie, talking about Cocktail!

Diana Penty shows great promise and a real knack for acting.  She is doted with a gracious screen-presence and she reminded me a lot of this beautiful actress in Swades, Gayatri Joshi, who to fans’ dismay got married soon after the movie and vanished from the radar. Diana is exquisite, an elegant creature by all standards, but no match to Deepika whose acting skills keep you magnetized and breathless. Anyway, that’s just my five cents.

She could even pull it off making us believe her infatuation with boytoy Saif, who slowly starts lacking the sex appeal as a romantic hero, hmmm. Hrithik might have been better for that role..  but one thing is for sure, the actors seemed to be all very comfortable with each other, which is a strong point in the movie, the triangle story. Diana Penty though couldn’t pull off the falling in love part… hehe.  I didn’t buy it.

I really could relate to the rest of the story.. and I’ve seen more than one cases like these, where friendships are sacrificed for love. One of the hardest lessons to learn in life. Nothing hurts more and I thought that was somehow the more interesting part of the movie.  Again I could sympathize with Veronica, her disappointment and rage, pulling out all the stops to reverse the situation with “I’ll be anything you want me to be, just don’t leave me..FOR HER, Hello, my formerly best friend!!”

It also rings  true that we might go into a relationship thinking we are in control and it won’t mean much at first, but then we open ourselves up to love, gradually and unnoticeably,  and before we know it BANG! it backfires and MrWonderful-oh-so-fullofsh *t moves on to greener pastures. And for some reason they seem to gravitate towards our friends or sisters, as if the world didn’t have millions of other women to choose from…. Out of Laziness?  No, absolutely. Good movie. If you just start out in life, it’s an Education :-)


OMG, Deepika’s outfits? TO DIE FOR!!!

Music was good too.


Dee’s Wikipedia page:  Deepika Padukone

6 thoughts on “in love with Deepika Padukone

  1. I’ve just rewatched Desi Boyz and here you are talking about Deepika! ;-)
    Like the video… but don’t like him much… might add it to the neverending list anyway – just in case! :D

  2. I <3 Deepika Padukone. OMG, totally agree with you. And I also think people tend to pass her off as just a good looking girl, but she has shown that she has acting prowess. It's just unfortunate she's come in a few movies where her talent has been wasted.

  3. How you start comparing the acting talents of a commercially mainstream Bollywood actress, to being like a Greek Goddess… I have no idea. But not surprising if you can call the latest unrealistic pop corn entertainer from Bollywood as being relate-able.

    The fact that you further claim that movies like this as being ‘an education’, is what propagates the immature and irresponsible mentality with which South Asian girls seems to grow up. Constantly trading in their self respect, dignity & independence for what Bollywood has taught them is “Love.”

    Coming back to the topic: Deepika is an amazing actress, who does the shittiest movies. She is in the same league as Katrina and any other fluff actress in bubble gum movies that go no where. Eventually she’ll disappear, unless she does some concrete hard hitting films where her range is challenged.

    • this is the third time my reply got zzinged. so now i don’t even know anymore what I wanted to say haha.

      “education” was meant sarcastically. girls who start out in life should be aware of men who feel compelled to hit on their girlfriend’s best friends

      “greek goddess” what irritates you, greek or goddess? what can I say… she reminds me of depictions of goddesses, may it be from ancient greece or roman or art nouveau or neo-classical, she embodies them all :-) except for the venus of willendorf… :-)

      thanks for taking time to comment. btw I love your blog. good luck with your QWIXOTIC Webcomic!! awesome! I hope one day your characters are going to be immortalized on the silver screen!

      • No worries. Happens to us all.

        Ah I see. Apologies, I was quick to judge.

        She’s gorgeous no doubt. But that says nothing in regards to her acting talent. I just find the majority of your posts to be overtly gushing about anything Bollywood, sometimes not even focusing on the film aspects but rather… ‘OMG, she’s beautiful!’. That’s all.

        Stop being so nice! It’s hard for me to brutally criticize you when you’re being so damn nice. lol. Thanks though. Check out my other Blog…
        That’s where I’ve got my Bollywood and Movie reviews. You’ll find things worth commenting on there.

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