Saif and Kareena’s hit and miss marriage plans dash rumors

If you ask me, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor aren’t really keen on getting married. At this point they might just get hitched because everyone is asking them, “So, when  are you two finally tying the knot?  BUT HEY, NO PRESSURE, YAAR!”



To avoid a straight answer, they may every first of the month, before they go to sleep and from their beds,  throw darts at a world map. Not Cupid’s arrow. Just a dart. Depending on where it lands, the following morning they’ll release a press statement about the new wedding location :-) at least that’s what I suspect. Next month it might be the South Pole.



Shaadi is not a simple decision for complicated people. Even under the best of circumstances we take a deep breath what concerns the I-dos of a the happy ever after..  Although, very few can hold their breath as long as Saif & Kareena. Those two have become true Yogis in this matter.

In the few years that I’ve been watching Bollywood movies I heard they are marrying in  April, forgot which year, no in October, no, they are marrying in January, no, they are marrying after the release of Agent XYZ, no, they are marrying in London, no, in the Maldives, no, they are marrying in Rio, no… Hey, I have an idea, they could marry during the carnival in Rio, come to their wedding with masks and we’ll never be sure if it was really them getting hitched or some body-doubles… which would buy them time to decide if they are mfeo.

I think South Pole is just as good of a bet.. but the last dart seemed to have hit Rio :-)

Okay, we can start holding our breath.


8 thoughts on “Saif and Kareena’s hit and miss marriage plans dash rumors

  1. I don’t understand the incessant need to get involved in the gossiping and media intrusion of celebrities’ lives, as an extension of watching their films.

    You say that you love Bollywood movies, but what relevance does this post have at all to anything movie related? Majority of your posts are nothing more than just the typical tabloid media gushing over every and any small remblance of news involving a celebrity’s personal lives.

    • what can I say, shahid? I don’t claim to be serious or a critic with the ambition to write relevant essays on Bollywood, and Bollywood doesn’t take itself all too serious either. I apologize if I keep disappointing you, maybe one day I’ll evolve and blossom into a serious blogger shining with sophistication and relevance :-) meanwhile I am just having fun with my blog. and yes, I shamelessly admit that personal anecdotes are just as entertaining to me as the movies themselves. But it’s not just the stars, I will equally enjoy and write about RGVs rants, Mahesh Bhatt’s deeply philosophical and nihilistic tweets, how these two filmmakers will wrangle over porn stars. That’s just as much essential Bollywood as the movies themselves.

      If I should ever get paid to blog, you will probably see a different side of me :-) but hey, if I cannot write about what tickles me at the moment, this whole blogging thing would turn into another type of wwwork, which has to be strictly avoided. I blog for fun. And to avoid dealing with LIFE, with bills with headaches with duties and obligations. And I learned we can never make it right by everyone. sometimes I can be actually quite serious, or sarcastic and sometimes just silly. most of the time just silly. trying not to think of bills, of work, of my daily headaches.

      • The Indian Film Industry is an Industry first, based on profit driven entertainment, and a light hearted fun fest second. So, I disagree that it doesn’t take itself seriously.

        Credible Blogging doesn’t equal ‘serious’ or ‘somber’ posts. Read my crap… they’re not intellectual critiques, and at times are borderline gush.

        I understand your need for escapism through the silver screen, however, it’s just enthusiasts like you, assuming, fictionalizing and lapping up every tidbit of rumour mill gossip involving celebrities, which completely takes away from any credible love for movies.

        You don’t love Bollywood, as in the industry which provides films, you love the immature and public sensationalism that it brings into your life through Tabloid Media.

      • why can’t I love Bollywood movies AND be interested in the stars, the filmmakers? Shahid, I am not taking myself seriously, nor the movies nor celebrities. but if the press writes about them I read it and I will comment on it if it tickles me.. Life is way too short for all these hangups. I don’t put myself under the microscope but I do appreciate criticism, yours or anybody’s. makes me think, reflect. and it tells me that I have to be more mindful perhaps of the things I say on my blog. I deleted already a bunch of stupidities I said.but apparently not enough! haha I appreciate your comments and your boldness and openness. it brings me to another point. Sometimes, being the Foreigner, it is difficult for me to just go and bash a movie. Bollywood movies might have a few bumps here and there, a few plot holes, it’s okay with me. I am not going to dissect a movie because the script isn’t tight or there are some corny scenes. I have a much larger heart what concerns Bollywood movies for some reason. Yes, the industry is serious business, they want to make money but about content they have just less hangups. I go with the flow. I don’t go and look for the hair in the soup. Let the critics deal with that. I am standing at the sidelines cheering for my Bollywood flicks, and underlying, for this beautiful Indian culture that attracts me like a magnet, for its people who are passionate about life.

  2. So basically, you’re saying you’re going to like any and every Bollywood movie, because it’s from Bollywood, and you’ve already decided to like everything Bollywood?

    In that case… why bother with talking about movies / reviews / stars / etc…. when we can all just assume that you most likely like everything, since you will fully acknowledge that you don’t actually weight out a movie for any of its merits…?

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