Himmatwala poster out

Ajay wants to walk the Salman path… eh?


oh tacky tacky


I dunno what to think. Is it going to be a remake of an 80s film? 70s? The Brave????

Okay, Ajay, you show me sharing a dinner with a tiger in a  restaurant, ringing that bell for the waiter and you’ll be brave. and I don’t mean tiger in miniskirt…

Is it the leather outfit? :-) why does this poster hit all my wrong notes? I only hope I’ll be pleasantly surprise when Himmatwala turns out to be a good movie at the end…


maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh. this poster is cutely old-fashioned. reminds me of the Ring Brothers…


10 thoughts on “Himmatwala poster out

  1. Ajay’s been walking the “Action Hero” path for quite a while now. (If that’s what you meant with the Salman crack.)

    This is a remake of the 1980’s film of the same name with Jeetendra and Sridevi. It’s the movie that catapulted Sridevi to fame. Sometimes Google can be great help to rid you of your confusion.



    Other Poster:

    The poster is very old school action movie-ish with the Tiger and all. The rain gives it a very SIN CITY vibe.
    It’s an 80’s film, so I’m curious to see if the remake will be a modern day flick with heavy 80’s Masala ala OM SHANTI OM, or if it will be full on 80’s period flick similar to THE DIRTY PICTURE?
    Also: Sajid Khan’s only done lighthearted family films so far… curious to see him handle an action-entertainer.

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