Salman and Katrina on 200 cr track with Ek Tha Tiger


I hope Ek Tha Tiger keeps going strong at the box office. The action-packed, romantic thriller takes you on a highly entertaining roller-coast ride through several continents. The stunts are just magnificent, Bollywood action movies are getting better and better. I loved this movie! I would say hiring Hollywood’s stunt coordinator Conrad Palmisano has paid off gloriously. Same can be said about Aseem Mishra, whose cinematography is borderline poetic.

The foreign locations were awesome,  especially Istanbul and Havana, Cuba.

Ranvir Shorey, as secret service agent looked great with beard and slightly threatening. You could never be sure if he didn’t work both sides.. He created some moments of good suspense. I liked him and wish they had given him more screen-time and his role a bit more complexity and substance.

The soundtrack was very nice too.  Of the songs,  I liked Laapata and Mashallah best.



I am not surprised at 200 crore. It’s a great family entertainer. Even grandma will like it. Just make sure she sits far enough not to get dizzy..

Part of the box office success of Ek Tha Tiger  hinges undoubtedly on Salman & Katrina’s chemistry, which is plain undeniable and makes you wonder where these two are headed relationship-wise. They make a fabulous couple, not just on screen but they look right together.  Let’s talk about body language.  It seems that Katrina’s role as ISI secret service agent Zoya, served two purposes, one to showcase how good she looks on a high speed chase, who thought she had it in her,  and secondly it appears like the perfect platform to woo her back from Salman’s point of view.  “Oh Kat, It’s part of the role that you should lay down on me.. that I nibble on your ear, dance a waltz with you..and hold you tight n whisper in your ear..” and you can see Katrina looking at him as if she were saying “oh yeah? so are we in character now..??”  He is wooing her with his eyes in every single scene, 99% convinced that he got her back, and not just on tiger track.  The question Katrina will have to answer.. should she stay or should she go.


Salman, aka RAW secret service agent Tiger is asking himself on and off screen the same question, but it looks like he has made up his mind.. No wonder, Katrina looks sexier than ever! Round in all the right places but muscular and healthy, just wonderful to look at. This woman is beautiful even without any make-up, as she dared to show us in a rare glimpse of her beauty ‘au naturel’ – that was gutsy! and btw, heads up for her stylist and costume designers. From innocent to femme fatale, wearing a traditional Pakistani dress, she looks stunning in whatever she wears!

The movie is a bit heavy on romance for being a thriller and action movie, but,  let’s say, I don’t hold it against them. :-)

Well done. Shabash!  Salman Khan, your charm and charisma never fails.  This movie will turn into another Salman classic and I bet it’s not the last time we get to see Zoya and Manish.  calls for an encore.



btw, if you are interested in reading about the real Tiger, Ravinder Kaushik, the ending of his story slightly differed:


.. not exactly a James Bond story,  sailing into the sunset with a pretty girl. No, Ravinder was caught and jailed in Pakistan, tortured. He eventually died in jail.


5 thoughts on “Salman and Katrina on 200 cr track with Ek Tha Tiger

    • Body language is a very strong language, much stronger than language itself. In psychology we learn how to analyze it. You can deceive with words but not with the body, even though actors are trained, but you always get a sense of when it’s real and when artificial

  1. You obviously don’t comprehend the concept of the fact that movies are fictional.
    You think you’re making valid observations at offscreen romantic subtext between two people, acting out rehearsed actions, during a scene shot and re shot (sometimes hundreds of times), in front of hundreds of people… as being their genuine feelings?

    You’re hyper-analyzing ‘body language’, when the end result you’re seeing has been modified, tweaked, by a hoard of people from the DOP, Director, Choreographer… etc? The tilting of the head, the pursing of lips, eye contact, twisting of a foot, position of hands, bending of a knee, arching of a back, (all this is called ‘blocking’ by the way)… is ALL controlled by everyone BUT the actor. But for you… it’s a genuine reflection of how the actor feels when they’re not making movies?

    All you’re proving is that the actors are worth their salt if they can make you believe they’re in love… while playing characters who (get this) are in love.

    • “You obviously don’t comprehend the concept of….”

      now you sound like my ex :-)

      the cams are rolling throughout guarded and unguarded moments. why do you think directors want to work with leads who do have good chemistry? because it’s hard to fake. Now Katrina and Salman have been involved romantically, from what we hear, then they left each other, from what we hear and now they are filming. A lot of personal issues will transpire and they do. even in brief moments of interaction. but maybe women pick up on these cues with heightened awareness. You will know it when your girlfriend checks out a woman you talk to, and your GF understands immediately if that girl is a threat haha. Sorry but I think on average we are better at that stuff.

      • The cameras roll when and if the Director wants. And when it does, EVERYONE on set is aware of it. Everyone outside the set is aware too actually. There are no ‘unguarded moments’ in those situations, that haven’t been created artificially for the sake of what’s happening on camera.

        Most of your info seems to be based on ‘from what we hear’… yet your conclusions from those are so absolute. Makes a lot of sense.

        So exes ‘acting’ opposite each other must have feelings for each other? So you must be the type to believe that married actors cheat on their wives constantly? I mean, if they have ‘good chemistry’ right?

        Yes. I agree. It’s only women that can pick up and misconstrue the simplest of things and create backstory between them. No wonder the biggest audience of Gossip Columns are all women.

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