Shahrukh suffering from Ladakh blues


19 Aug SHAH RUKH KHAN@iamsrk

All alone on Eıd…on a thın wındıng road. Nowhere and everywhere. Just gave myself a hug after a long tıme. Wıll celebrate wıth happy wınds






a day earlier he tweeted:

First day breathing is a problem in Ladakh. u can’t speak long sentences…actually…u can’t. write…long. sentences. either…gasp gasp.


environmental learning institute










(I bet he lit a cigarette right after he tweeted that, which I don’t think is a good idea up there….)





OK,so  first of all let’s give him a group hug!  It sounds pretty much like he needs one.   And for good measure let’s blow him some happy winds! :-)

Poor Shahrukh, it’s the holidays blues.


Secondly, what I wanted to ask, what happened to the dots of the i?  too cold? they fell off? :-) I want to lose my dots too, they weigh me down all for sudden, and I am not even akeli in the Himalayas on Eid. are the dots supposed to make us happy? dotless looks like the new cool.







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