Holla Rani, Aiyyaa!

Dreamum Wakeuppam


Rani Mukherjee doesn’t need a comeback – she has never left the stage, but let’s say, if she would need a comeback,  Aiyyaa looks like a slam dunk.


Sava Dollar


7 thoughts on “Holla Rani, Aiyyaa!

  1. I loved these previews and her role in this film.
    Why am I getting the nagging feeling though, that this kind of a character, is a very similar attempt at what Vidya Balan did with THE DIRTY PICTURE.

    The songs / her character… reminds me of the same shock and awe at the ridiculous-ness that everyone expressed during the Trailers for THE DIRTY PICTURE.

  2. Rani is doing it. I have to admit some of the dance moves in the promo songs were a bit extra for me, but she’s a great actress and dancer. I’m excited to see this movie!

    • I am glad to see Rani back in the saddle. In a way, yes, people want to always see new faces (when it comes to women, especially) but we also love those familiar ones. Preity and Rani are Bollywood institutions and I don’t see a reason why they should be discarded or not being offered good roles, when men rule well into their forties and fifties… don’t u think? Women have it much harder in this business. The big guys can have one flop after another and yet will be always in demand, regardless of age. But female stars at a certain point all have to struggle to find good roles to keep being in demand

      • I agree with you.
        However, this doesn’t apply to Ashwariya Rai for some reason.
        I can count all her critical AND commercial successes in one hand, since her debut in 1997… and yet she’s treated like some veteran legend in the Industry.
        It’s pathetic.

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