the sex tape saga and my 5cents on Heroine..












Help!!  Are sex tapes invading Bollywood, too, now? I wanted to google the topic but didn’t want to expose my pc to a virus by visiting dubious sites. So from what I could see, the only thing that kept coming up on first search was Bipasha Basu and Malika Sheravat and I don’t know if any of those are real to begin with, and/or certifiably leaked anythings :-)

If you check out Hollywood’s sex tape scandals, the list is LONGGGG! Paris leading the pack with her famous entree. Even I can remember the scandal and how her career took off subsequently. Miley Cyrus, formerly known as goodie girl, has made quite a turnaround and I guess her leaked stuff hasn’t done anything good to her career. Scarlett Johansson? I was surprised. Ke$sha? didn’t check it out but UGLY squared.  Rihanna? prob leaked it herself..haha. Kanye West? geez. who wants to know?  tattooed Pete Wentz? brutally ugly. Chris Brown? omg, I’ll get slapped!  All I could think of is, rule of thumb, I like my celebrities better with clothes on.

Decades after Paris Hilton (was she the first one?) rose to notoriety because of a leaked sex tape, Kim Kardashian’s mom now being accused by some of leaking her own daughter’s to achieve the same goal (if she did it or not, it proved to be a mega success turning all her daughters into cash cows).

Finally the sex tape saga has reached Mumbai’s shores, making it a climax in an unsympathetic movie about Bollywood’s film industry, Heroine. I hope Madhur Bhandarkar didn’t start a fad here! I love my beautiful actresses in saris and salwar kamiz, or ok mini skirts and I am not in the least curious with whom they share their intimate moments. I hope our beautiful Indian heroines will never have to steep that low to fare well at the box office. But maybe I am naive.

I think if Bhandarkar had made a satire and dressed up the subject as a comedy it might have fared better altogether, because if that’s BW reality, then it’s pretty pathetic. Poor famous girl. How my heart goes out to you…. :-) last resort a sex tape? oh dear how scandalous. naughty naughty.

None of the characters in Heroine came across as likeable which made it hard for me to get emotionally involved. If you can’t touch my heart I can’t follow your pathos. Halfway through the second part of the movie, you just want it to END, but no. You’ll have to sit through several “2months later” “2years later”. As I am reaching the peak of my patience, our heroine, Mahi, played by Kareena Kapoor, drops the bombshell.

She can avoid her looming professional demise, she confides to her PR manager, by leaking a holladi hi-holladi-ho sex tape to the press!  Sex tape which A) just shows a grainy cellphone video recording of her in an embrace with B) her co-star, Aryan (Z-gorgeous Arjun Rampal), who really, we find out, deep down is just a repenting sorrytushie  who’s trying to salvage her from the inevitable death sentence handed to actresses past 30.  Loverboy Aryan, sex-tape-humiliated, has to use the last resort: delete Mahi’s phone number from his handy. Duh! That’s harsh. The poor guy has to hold back his  tears. ( were you counting the number of guys u deleted from ur contacts within the last few years? and without shedding a tear? :-)

Okay, so Aryan was giving it his best shot to come up with a make-or-break movie with ‘babes’ Mahi, (who btw starts resembling more and more Linda Blair in The Exorcist ), who not being aware of his last minute heroism, deviously pulls out 20 seconds of their raw cellphone passion and leaks it to public.

‘If I fail at reviving my career I can still buy a cricket team?’ Was that godforbid geared at our poor Preity? All these little bits and pieces you could pick up and see where they fit in the gigantic 50,000 piece Bollywood gossip puzzle..made my head spin. I don’t know but I was just turned off by this movie. Honestly. Bhandarkar, Try it again Sam.


BTW This film is coming at a time when every weekend we are seeing a new release with a lead actress in her 30s, 40s, 50s!!! which hopefully makes this movie look dated.



5 thoughts on “the sex tape saga and my 5cents on Heroine..

  1. I haven’t seen HEROINE yet, so can’t comment on the specifics of the movie itself:
    However, leaked sex tapes have been a thing from 1990’s, the earliest I can remember is Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee.

    Leaking a sex tape, is actually a common technique that’s happened a few times. A struggling actor / actress will ‘accidentally’ get her cell phone ‘stolen’ with intimates pictures / videos… then be in the media for the next 1-2 years, suing people, speaking out against it, etc etc.
    Hasn’t always worked… but it does happen.

    And there’s a lot of vulgarity in the actual Bollywood industry besides this. I guess you haven’t heard about issues with the casting couch or how ‘starlets’ are made?
    Check out PAGE 3, an earlier Bhandarkar film. It will shock and awe you.

    Unfortunately, things like sex-tapes have more impact than the hit / miss track record of an actor / actress.
    And it’s reasons like these, why I advocate for media to always stay limited to reporting on an actor / actresses professional lives… rather than their personal lives.
    If the media didn’t give a shit about what / who an actor does when the camera stops rolling, who’s hanging out with whom and where… then things like Sex Tapes wouldn’t matter, and wouldn’t have to be resorted to in order to get attention.

    • it seems to work only for the P’s…. Pamela, Paris, Prince Harry… :-)
      i find it the most ridiculous thing EVER that people should be even looking at those :-) if people wouldn’t have sex there were no human race. I take it for granted that everyone more or less does it :-)

      of course I’ve heard of the casting couch and have watched Page3 (that was a good movie) and I find it pretty ugly, equivalent to blackmail. only that people are afraid of repercussions or shy. they don’t have enough prove, afraid to come fwd.. it’s a very dark and gray area. And I hear it’s just as bad for men (at least in Hollywood)

      • I agree.
        However, again… when the media obsesses about every facet of celebrities personal lives, then what goes on in the bedroom is but an extension of that.

        You want people to stop looking at sex tapes? Then you too should stop reporting on actor/actresses personal lives, stop assuming how they are and how they feel, based on what they’re reported as doing, or who they’re ‘seen’ with at an event.

        It’s the media which gets people fascinated with what an actor does when not at work, even though their work is the sole reason we even know they exist, and it’s the media who buys, then distributes the news of sex tapes to begin with.

        I agree, it is very ugly, and entertainment journalism in Bollywood (Hollywood too, but not as blatant and cheap as India) is based on ‘gossip’, not any sort of credible ‘news’ about the Industry.

  2. Kareena and her hoochie mama roles. Tres vulgar. I can’t bring myself to see Heroine because she’s sooo damn annoying. :/ She still so blah to me. Karishma is prettier and more talented than she’ll ever be.

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