one of my favorite Atif songs “Woh Lamhe”

I was chopping up something in the kitchen while I had my favorite Saturday program on in the background, “Namaste America” –  I had to quickly drop everything when I heard Atif’s beloved voice from afar singing Woh Lamhe, one of his most beautiful songs. I haven’t seen the movie Zeher, but I heard Atif sing this song in Atlantic City few years back and I think it was this song that made me fall in love with him..

Namaste America played some wonderful songs today dedicated to “rain”. Bollywood’s rain songs are lyrical and sexy. Don’t we all love our Bollywood stars soaking in the rain?

God only knows how many stars caught colds filming those.. but hey, we enjoy them.

And when rain mingles with Atif’s voice it turns into honey.. so here is to rain and to Atif.









2 thoughts on “one of my favorite Atif songs “Woh Lamhe”

  1. There’s quite a few variations of this song. I think ‘Woh Lamhe’ was the version for the movie ZEHER. Check out the ‘Bheegi Yaadein’ version.

    I don’t remember the details of the controversy, but Atif was asociated with the Pakistani Band ‘Jal’, who had their own version of this song. Atif split with them due to differences, and made his own version.

    Then he made it big in Bollywood and did the same song for the movie ZEHER, with some changes in lyrics.

    Your Bollywood / Pakistani Pop songs history lesson of the day.

    • that is really interesting. naturally, I had no idea about the controversy. but I know one thing, when bands split up the waters become murky because songs are often a collaboration and later there is usually a lot of bitter blood when you try to tease out credits and ownership. thanks for your invaluable input!

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