crouching tiger fighting Khiladi 786


What happened to good old fashioned somewhat realistic fight scenes? (ahhh if it wasn’t for the silly sound effects..)


crouching tiger hidden something whatever has ruined it for us. I knew it then. That was the end of an era. Since then we have learned to filmistically fly up walls and through the air like birthday balloons. Sorry but it’s getting old on me. Give me stuff people can actually do.

Aside from that I am happy to see Akki back in action mode.


One thought on “crouching tiger fighting Khiladi 786

  1. CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON was an Asian film, whose impractical action is as much a trademark of its industry as random song and dance routines are of Bollywood. It’s only taken out of context when copied by Bollywood.

    I call it “The Matrix Error”. Action scenes from MATRIX was duplicated move by move in the movie AWARA PAAGAL DEEWANA. However, it was completely out of context as the unrealism in MATRIX was defined by the reality bending setting of the movie. Context. It’s huge.

    Action was unrealistic in Bollywood from the 60’s. Instead of flying up walls, it was Heroes jumping off of 20 storey buildings and landing on their feet. There have never been ‘realistic’ action sequences in Bollywood… and the ones that do, aren’t appreciated by the masses.

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