the looooong-awaited screen kiss

The Kiss

The Kiss

How many years,  DECADES,  have we waited for Srk’s first kiss? on screen, okay…. As for me,  since Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

After watching Jab Tak Hai Jaan  I have to say… too little too late, because for so many years he has been avoiding the kiss and alone the subject of it that, I think, we all made our peace with the hero who never kisses. Now, in a moment of midlife crisis, obviously,  Shahrukh plants one on Katrina Kaif. And guess what, the chemistry between these two wasn’t right. It’s not the longing and romantic, heart-throbbing kiss, it’s just  “a kiss” – with no attachments. No tingling in the air.  He basically sacrificed this last bastion of privacy for no good reason. I almost feel bad for him. check it out. He looks MISERABLE.

Probably it was Yash Raj’s idea, bad idea. And we can’t blame him..Anymore anyway. The kiss was supposed to be the dot of the i in his prolific and exciting career as filmmaker and producer. It hasn’t worked out as he had planned. Nothing in life ever does.  Right now he is probably up there in heaven, scratching his head, thinking to himself ‘ I had planned that so well and look how underwhelmed every one is with these lukewarm kissing scenes’…

Yeah, Yash. C’est la vie. We know how that goes with things we await so anxiously for so long…they always have a way of letting us down.


5 thoughts on “the looooong-awaited screen kiss

  1. Do we even care about these things anymore?

    But to keep things relevant: I’ve always found it weird that in Bollywood,’chemistry’ between actors is always an issue when it comes to casting a movie, or even watching it.
    In Hollywood, rarely have I heard of a movie being made / broken simply due to the actors’ onscreen chemistry. And usually they cast anyone and everyone opposite anyone and everyone… and it’s never a huge debate.

    Wonder why that is?

    • Hollywood has a much larger pool of actors to choose from. but even in Hollywood, what concerns romance, chemistry is important. If there are no sparks flying the whole story unravels. I just listened to Richard Gere talking about the casting of Julia Roberts for Pretty Woman and how she was the only one who auditioned he clicked with.He knew it right away she was the one. That made the movie the success it was, chemistry. He was still surprised about the success of this film. He didn’t expect it.

      Mr and Mrs Smith. You could see the sparks flying between those two. Made the movie fun. Sometimes you have great chemistry in an ensemble. When people have fun filming it’s immediately evident and it raises a movie ten notches. Sometimes you get screen magic if two actors HATE each other – depends on the movie and the material. But in romance the alpha and omega for a successful screen pair is chemistry. If that’s right the movie will work sometimes even if the script is mediocre.

      I think Srk has somehow no more FUN. so everything feels staged with him. He gives his very best but he’s lost the ability to carry his emotions on his sleeves, which is important to play a character convincingly. Katrina kind of pulled away. There was absolutely NO chemistry in JTHJ. There was no rapport between those two. zilch. Locations were great, sets, songs were good. but something fundamental was missing to make this love story believable and authentic. Which is sad. I wanted it to be great.

      • It definitely leaves a bad taste, that legendary Yash Chopra’s last film was a dud (critically at least). I haven’t seen it yet, I will, but really had no interest from day one of the Previews.

        I agree Chemistry is important, obviously more so in Romances. However, I don’t see it as a point of such hyped debate in movies over all in Hollywood. Majority of actors / actresses in Hollywood can be paired opposite each other as lovers / husband wife… and it works very nicely, maybe more so in non romance genres, when sometimes the believability of a relationship might be more important to the overall story than a love story.

        REVOLUTIONARY ROAD wasn’t a romance, but the actors were believable as troubled husband/wife. BLUE VALENTINE was a romance gone bad, but the actors made their love story AND their hate story as believable as the other. 500 DAYS OF SUMMER had the lead pair seem completely off, but again… in the context of the story… their pairing worked. In Hollywood, a movie rarely fails due to the actors’ Chemistry, but more due to a lot of other reasons.

        I find that Bollywood focuses entirely too much on the ‘stars’ of a movie as well as other superficial things, instead of the plot, writing, performances, etc… you know, stuff that makes a movie good.


    • I agree, mechanical. that’s exactly what it was. It was an unfortunate pairing. My Bollywood experience started out with Shahrukh and I watched all his movies before venturing out and discover who else I could relate to and enjoy as much as my Shahrukhie:-) and
      first loves are always very strong. But I think his stardom to a certain extent has been a limiting factor in his acting career and I want to see him in a role he can TRULY believe in and identify with, with a partner he can truly be comfortable with.

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