Preity’s Ishq got lost in Paris, apparently. Au revoir so soon?

What Happens In Paris Stays In Paris…

Ishq in Paris, kua hua?  It’s easy to get lost in its Parisian charm and not finding your way back to your point of origin.  Happened to me. We all can relate to it. Love makes you stupid. But for once it’s a movie that got lost. We have sent search troops out…. European trained whatsmore!! Nada.



Ishq in Paris could not be found.

Now that’s a real shame


because we all love Preity Zinta and she hasn’t graced us with her lovely screen presence for A WHILE!!!

While I suspect that her love interest in the film has not been available for  the100,000 reshoots, necessary to save the film.. well, I am a bit mean here because maybe he’s fantastically underrated as an actor, it could be any other reason too.

Financial, couldn’t find a distributor? What could have been going wrong? Maybe we should put Aamir Khan, aka Inspector  Sekhawat, on the case to scare the ghosts out of this project and get it on screen.

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