renaming my paw pal “SpeedySingh”

This shall be my anthem.


If Rob Lowe can play a Canadian hockey coach who is fluent in Hindi, coaching a Punjabi ice hockey team,  then there are no more boundaries.


I used to be ein ShellyMingh,  now  I shall be SpeedySingh.

Shelly 2



And if you think I am cute… you should watch

“Speedy Singhs” – the movie.


PS there is apparently an English language version, which my Port Washington Library didn’t acquire since we are all speaking Hindi here :-)

but I must say it was fun listening to Rob Lowe hindi bol rahe tha.

Read up on the movie, co-produced by Akshay Kumar, starring Vinay Virmani and Anupam Kher, here on IMDb:


a huh.  mystery solved. it even comes with an English title.. “Breakaway”  ( I like Speedy Singhs better…).

so, okay, the movie is a X-ing between Bend it like Beckham and The Cutting Edge. Great for teenagers and hockey fans alike.


If you enjoy the idea of an all Indian ice hockey team but you think it’s fiction, think again:
























9 thoughts on “renaming my paw pal “SpeedySingh”

  1. So he’s gone to player (Youngblood, 1986) to coach? And he’s not even Canadian? They should have picked Keanu Reeves (who had a small part in Youngblood as well), LOL! :D

      • Actually actors have coaches. They don’t need to learn a language they don’t speak. See all the chinese actresses in Memoirs of a Geisha, who acted in English without understanding a word of what they were saying.
        I bet Rob Lowe’s Hindi is like mine in real life – i.e. non-existent! ;)

      • yeah, that too! Tricky actors! ;) (can tell you something about Kevin Costner speaking Lakota in Dancing with Wolves!)! :D

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