Vijay Mallya’s golden heart


I know I should stick to movies, but I couldn’t help myself but laugh when I read about troubled  tycoon Vijay Mallya donating 3 kg gold at the Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh in honor of his 57th birthday. How much is that in rupees?  And please keep in mind,  this is temple donation Number 3.  Beginning of the year he made apparently already a temple donation, then in August he donated to a temple in Karnataka… Wouldn’t it be wiser and kinder to pay salaries of his poor Kingfisher Airlines employees who he probably owes in back-payments?  A) he would make a lot of new friends and B) amass  a hellofa lot good heavenly karma. Who cares if the temples get golden doors, when this money can put FOOD on the tables of loyal employees. You don’t appease the gods by bribing them. You appease the gods showing your humanity, open your heart. Temple donations make people happy who run the temples, not the gods. If your karma turned on you, from fortune to misfortune, look inside. Brahma doesn’t accept bribes. Government employees might, business men might but God? He would probably say: you lived life large. Now make sure that people who depend on you are taken care of. Not shareholders. Not temples. Your employees. You want to do good on your birthday, spend the gold on THEM! The temple is already rich, your employees aren’t.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mallya.




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