How do you like your male BW stars, wrinkles or wrinkle-free?

Am I paranoid or do all the stars who gradually bend towards the half-century mark look stretched and unnatural? is that due to make-up, special effects, surgery, botox? all these nasty little cosmetic enhancement techniques circulating in Hollywood have crept into the lives of our male Bollywood stars. Used to be just steroids pumping up their muscles. and please I don’t want to know what side effects those have…but now all the plumping has invaded facial features, which equates with acting’s kiss of death. As you can’t properly use your muscles anymore, you fail inevitably to convey FEELINGS, likes, dislikes, joy sorrow anger… Faces have turned statuesque. You may think oh this person still looks GOOD for their age, but what happened to the ACTOR?

Salman Khan wrinkles only below his chin, Shahrukh’s face is so stretched that he starts resembling that weird Egyptian pharaoh..what’s his name, Akhenaten.



Salman can jump and fight and dance and love and hate in Dabangg2, never moving one facial muscle.

Aamir, in Talaash, looks like his face was freshly ironed before every shoot. Oh how I wish we could go back to good old times when aging actors developed character and became more interesting in time BECAUSE their faces had trenches, lives fully lived. Their faces had stories to tell. It seemed they grew more complex.

Now everybody’s main focus is erasing time from their features. Sad and silly. I can understand fixing the hairline esthetically and watching out for the weight so you don’t walk around screen all flabby. But godforbid, leave the face alone!!! march into your middle age with your head held high.  Dignified. Not plastified.

There should be a law that prohibits actors to get surgically enhanced or photo-shopped.

For heaven’s sake be who you are, like a good old wine aged to perfection in old and smoky barrels of oak. Why to run from time as if it were our enemy? why not embrace every line in our face, testimony of sorrows and joys.

4 thoughts on “How do you like your male BW stars, wrinkles or wrinkle-free?

  1. you have addressed a very important issue. the khans are almost 50, but bollywood’s obsession with them is still not anywhere near over…so the producers keep casting them in pretty much every movie and of course they play characters about 20 years younger than their actual age, hence the make-up or plastic surgeries to make them look young…and quite frankly i don’t think they look good…they look weird…as you mentioned in your blog post. there are so many younger good looking, and might I add TALENTED actors who are just being overlooked and not even given a chance, because everyone’s obsessed with the Khans…I am sick of them..and refuse to watch anymore of their films…unless of course they’re playing their own age…haha and their leading ladies are not young enough to be their granddaughters.

    • it’s a merciless industry and the stars themselves are afraid of aging, so the natural instinct is of course to suppress the aging process. but it’s somehow sad to witness that denial. srk was bouncing like a 20yr old with his jeans and a guitar tugged around his shoulders and when someone is almost 50 it looks somehow inappropriate. but most importantly I find is that anything that messes with your facial expressions like plumping and stretching and whatnot, will prevent you from conveying the emotion you want to express. Plus, consider that men in their late forties til late fifties are at the top of their game in the public domain. Look at politics,’s men around fifty who are in command. Pretending you are not makes you just look silly and immature. Who will respect you if you pretend to be a 20 yr old? These stars are surrounded by agents and industry insiders who tell them “we know people who can make you look like you are 20, it will cost you but it’s worth it” – they don’t think about how we are all aware of their age and how we see it as a sign of weakness when adult men opt for plastic surgery.Cary Grant looked his best when he was older, or Harrison Ford, or Jack Nicholson (he got plumped up now too and looks ridiculous) Real men look their best in their forties and fifties, no need to dewrinkle. every line adds substance. let young actors play young men :-).

      • Agree with everything you said…i don’t find anything wrong with 40 plus actors who play their age. ain’t nothing wrong with that…they’re still hot and attractive…brad pitt and tom cruise are still rockin’ it. and my current obsession Richard Armitage looks heavenly in his 40s.
        I laughed out loud at your statement, “srk was bouncing like a 20yr old with his jeans and a guitar tugged around his shoulders and when someone is almost 50 it looks somehow inappropriate.” Totally agree and that’s why i do not want to see Jab Tak Hai Jan. Had they cast a younger actor it would have been much better. it’s easier to make a younger guy look older, not the vice versa. and by younger actor I do not mean Hrithik or Ranbir. somebody else please….because if it’s not the khans then it’s these two…bollywood seems to have no other leading men other than these five.

  2. I think SRK was at his best looking between 1997 and 2007… never really liked the faces of the other 2 Khans.
    They should take example from Brad Pitt, who looks more and more like Robert Redford (in Moneyball I thought “OK, he’s Robert now – the witness was passed on! Long time since A River Runs Through It and Spy Game, but here we are, the new Robert Redford!”)…
    Glad may main and favorite Muse doesn’t seem to care about his looks much – he doesn’t even bother to shave when he doesn’t work, I can’t imagine him doing something else to his Eruasian face! ;) (That’s Keanu Reeves, in case you were wondering)

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