Bollywood a la Gangnam

If you think Gangnam is so darn original, think twice. Bollywood has been entertaining us for eons in Gangnam style.  And they have not run hush hush to obtain a patent …

I don’t know how long we will talk about Gangnam but one thing is sure, Bollywood will endure the test of time.


One thought on “Bollywood a la Gangnam

  1. You know, I saw the video in a cafe with some friends who already knew about it and were commenting on the style and I said “That’s Bollywood, guys! It’s Bollywood style!” – of course they stared at me as if I was coming from Mars (at least one of them, the other knows I like Bollywood, although he managed to skip his “initiation” by beta-reading for me and commenting my manuscript. Next time I’ll get him, LOL! ;)

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