Jolly LLB on collision course with India’s esteemed legal Incs

Hello lawyers, lighten up! It’s just a comedy.

From the director/writer  of  the wonderful quirky movie Phas Gaye Re Obama,  where a bankrupt American gets kidnapped and devises a plot together with his kidnappers how to make money out of their failing plot,  comes a new film along, Jolly L.L.B. This time Subhash Kapoor ventures into the court system in India.

Lawyers filed a petition against the film claiming it undermines the dignity of lawyers and judges of India’s legal system. That’s funny already and should be incorporated in the film as a side-show. Look, I would think the dignity of Indian courts is in question when rapists get a slap on the hand, when VIPs, who trespass the laws, never serve a sentence…but no, a comedy, a satire apparently is more inflammatory and damaging. Okay.


Here is a good interview I found on TOI with Boman Irani, who’s playing a hot-shot lawyer in the movie, talking about his costar Arshad Warsi, children, and India’s New Wave cinema.






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