Air India bumps into Jet Blue at JFK

If that raises your eyebrows, try to spend one day on Indian roads with all those suicidal truck drivers, forget about trucks, ANY drivers! and it will come to you as no surprise. Or try to get on or off a train in India. or buy a ticket to a movie or a ticket to anything. or line up for food the “British” way and you’ll get the last scraps.

Standing patiently and politely in line is not India’s favorite passtime. You cut lines by pretending not to see that there is somebody standing in front of you. No eye-contact, just show them your back. eye contact  maybe just maybe after the fact, and then very briefly and preferably indifferent. (and that little flash you get from your line cutter is just to check if you intend to kill them. Once that danger is averted, you may get a quarter or half of a smile, if ur lucky)

This was just a gentle nook, a way of Air India telling JetBlue, hello buddy,  move,  get going… we desis have no time for kids play.

Hey, no harm done. I love Air India, especially their food and the movies they show. It’s my favorite airline and India my favorite destination. Who needs West Palm Beach? Go to Goa!  :-)



Air India jet bumps passenger plane at New York airport

Associated Press | Updated: March 09, 2013 21:29 IST

New York: Two commercial jets have been damaged in the aviation equivalent of a fender-bender at New York’s Kennedy airport.

Nobody was reported injured in the accident, which happened at around 6:15 a.m. on Saturday.

A JetBlue spokesman says a plane carrying around 150 passengers bound for West Palm Beach, Florida, had become temporarily disabled due to a problem with its tow bar and was sitting near a gate when it was bumped by an Air India aircraft.

The JetBlue plane suffered some damage to its rudder.

Airline spokesman Mr Alex Headrick says the passengers were loaded on to another plane. The departure was delayed at least 3 and a half hours.

Messages left for Air India officials in New York weren’t immediately returned.


air india bumps passenger plane at new york airport


4 thoughts on “Air India bumps into Jet Blue at JFK

      • we discussed that last Tuesday with our Hindi “teacher” (well, the guy I share the lesson with talked to him, I just listened)… I’m against all armies, so… but G. kept saying it was an accident, and V. said they shot on purpose and I said “Give a man a gun and he’s going to use it anyway” – gunless world is too much of a dream, now, is it? Gah. We should go back to swordfight, I’m sure there would be less fans of weapons, LOL!

      • wise word, Barb. It was probably accidental. these marines mistook the poor fishermen for pirates or terrorists. today the fear of pirates is very real. and as you said, if you have a gun and you get into a panic you will use the godamn gun! soldiers get trained but in safe environments. and then when they get exposed to a situation they can’t read, they could panic like everyone else. but then again, i don’t know the details, how far away was the vessel etc And just like in the Pistorius case, you don’t shoot not knowing what you hit. there are other options. warning shots, radio communication, loud speakers, hell, target the vessel. that can be replaced!! lives not.

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