Rahul Bose switches into damage control mode, but offers no apology

Rahul Bose certainly knows how to broaden his female fan-base uttering just a few words.

Rahul Bose ‏ @RahulBose1

It’s really quite simple. O2 in, CO2 out.

and another tweet that reads:

Please read ALL my tweets before jumping down my throat again! There are 10 of them. 11, w/this one. On a flight, so back in 3hrs. Cheers.

Cheerful as that sounds, he might be just on the verge of turning into the Indian equivalent of Mel Gibson and he should be perhaps the one to start with breathing exercises.


But thankfully India is more forgiving than America with people who step into a hornet’s nest. What he is  talking about is the reaction to his proposal to rehabilitate rapists in India and transform them into “gender warriors” – whatever that means. A day later a holy storm unleashes on him in form of a twitter war.The poor guy all he wanted is help us women…. how could his effort backfire in this manner?

It just happens so that India has been rattled by most brutal gang rapes, every day now it seems new ones are being reported. It has women, mothers, fathers, daughters on edge.

The reaction wouldn’t be so strong if India’s justice system hadn’t been so lenient in dealing with rapists for as long as we can remember…What’s needed right now is harsher sentencing, follow-through. Women who come forward should be treated sensitively, instead being blamed for provoking what happened to them. Until now it seems victims were being accused, like “she had it coming, the way she dresses” But the last horrendous incident in Delhi last November, has turned a page after people took in drones to the street calling for justice.

We know Rahul Bose deep down  has his heart in the right place, but this is a very delicate matter. And his message might have been misconstrued and ill-received because the times right now call for action, for stricter punishments. Also, it’s coming from a man. The politically correct thing to do for a man is to reaffirm the need of acknowledgment and punishment for rape, not so much forgiveness.

Besides, people extract from carpet statements the one or two ideas that emerge and are recognizable, sticking out like a sour thumb. Forgiveness and rehabilitation. Forgiveness HAS BEEN ALWAYS THERE, UNFORTUNATELY. That’s the problem. Part of the problem.

It’s a little bit like a white dude saying “I don’t understand. **Ni**er** is not a bad word, I hear black folks saying it all the time”  and you want to grab him and tell him “It comes with a whole painful history attached to it!”

It’s the same as Rahul Bose telling us to show compassion to sorry-ass rapists and love conquers all. It’s the way to a better society.

He is living in dreamland. First of all, what about faking of being sorry? What about required long-term therapy and follow-ups? who’s going to pay for that.. how will you deliver those services? What about recidivism? are there any studies about the likelihood of repeat sex offenders in India? especially in a lenient system that prefers to hush dirty little secrets under the table…. it’s not as easy as handing out little cornflowers and preaching about the benefits of lovemaking vs rape. And please, shift the focus of your sermon to the victims and deliver services to them that make THEM heal from their psychological and physical wounds. Rapists should know: no mercy will be bestowed on you! That’s the only message that will bring change!

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2 thoughts on “Rahul Bose switches into damage control mode, but offers no apology

  1. I’m not completely aware of this Rahul Bose issue, but I can comment in terms of general awareness.
    I understand what happened, and what the hub bub is all about. This is reminding me of what’s happening in Bangladesh right now, with the country clamouring for the deaths of War Criminals.

    What I find a little sad, to be honest, is the eye for an eye mentality. The entire concept of penal systems and jails, is reform. Punishment to a point, but more about rehabilitation and reform. Otherwise there wouldn’t be various sentences dependent on the severity of the crime. If reform wasn’t an option, for any crime, then every criminal should be sentenced to death or life in prison right? I’m not saying rapists should be forgiven… I’m talking about the principle and concept here.

    Once a precedent is set, we can start applying it to other things too. Rapists, child molesters, wife beaters, manslaughter cases, assault with intent to kill, infanticide, etc.

    In terms of this Rape situation in India, the system has to change. The way to deal with the Rapists is one part of it. The system has to change. The victims must be treated differently. The cases must have priority in court. Law Enforcement must change as well. It’s not just about punishing the rapists. Because the process to get to the punishment is still convoluted and needs to be bettered.

    • I totally agree with you, Shahid, in general terms. But just think what it will cost the state to implement rehabilitation programs outside of jail!! you need a huge network of social workers, establish follow up statistics. In India, once you are out of jail you can disappear into anonymity. who will ever find you again? how can you implement programs where A you have to report to court-appointed officers and B) get court-ordered therapy? you can work on rehabilitation in jail but how effective is that, given that there is no contact between sexes? In addition, people in jail try to show on best behavior just to get released earlier. they will promise the stars!!
      Once they get released, there is no way of keeping track of them. There is no system in place.
      There is no money for rehab, there is no system.
      Sex offenders are some of the hardest to rehabilitate because they are driven by their sexual impulses. Rape shows that they need to humiliate and control, for whatever reasons that may be. They have no respect and act without restraints.
      To make matters worse, in India has been regarded more like a sort of bad behavior than felony, almost socially accepted! . The victims had no recourse, were victimized even more by reporting, if they had the guts to report it!! usually there are no other witnesses, so it’s a woman’s testimony against a man’s testimony. And who gets blamed is the woman, she shouldn’t dress that way, she shouldn’t walk alone, she shouldn’t accept offers of any kind from a man… and forget about rapes that are committed by family members. A woman will not even dare to come forward!! Rape is under-reported and punishments dismal. What message does that send to men? they can get away with it….. So all of that needs to change way before you talk about rehabilitation. Rehab in jail, maybe. That’s already expensive and needs to be organized first. Let’s start with due punishment for a horrible crime. How do you think it makes women feel, after they get raped? they will fear even their husbands, if they still find one!!! their whole lives change. They wake up with nightmares. They fear every man who smiles at them. They feel they cannot trust men, forever. What kind of a life is that? Nobody talks about the victims!!! we give more importance to rapists than the victims. they go to jail for a night, and then might do it again, because it made them feel so good..hey. I am sorry, but I call for a punishment severe enough that they will think twice before trying that ever again. And yes, in prison there should be intensive rehab, to make them understand what they did. Rape is not a way of getting or having sex, it’s a crime.

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