Sanjay Dutt: victim of circumstances or rightfully accused?

Sanjay Dutt.

I must say I was shocked to hear the verdict. I didn’t know all the circumstances but I was of course well aware that Sanjay Dutt had allegedly connections to the underworld in the past and got in trouble for it. What I don’t understand is why he is being sentenced again now? I like this Munnabhai. He is an indispensable villain in Bollywood productions. And whatsmore, he’s a method actor.. :-)

If you are start making a name for yourself as a young actor in Bollywood, especially at the time when all kind of dubious monies were the financial backbone of the industry, I can imagine all this laundered dough came with a price tag. You were probably invited to parties where you met all kind of people and shady figures who were well connected.

And we know how any self respecting type of mafia does it. They start doing you favors, just that. They shower you with offers and it all looks playful and harmless. And then a year, two, three later all for sudden Mr Benefactor asks you for a favor – which – unless you got a good excuse – you can’t refuse. I don’t know if that’s what went down only Sanjay knows. I am sure he just wanted to be a movie star. And he felt young, strong, testosterone laden and invincible and probably thought there was nothing in his life he couldn’t control. But I am speculating here and trying to make sense of this whole situation from the bits and pieces I pick up here and there. Was he offered to buy the gun? did he reach out and say I need a gun? Was he tricked into keeping it. A hot gun like that, who would suspect a celebrity. Were there other things involved we don’t know about…But I am pretty sure that if he had known the history of that gun we would have never acquired it.

That this old wound was reopened must be hurting Dutt a lot. Without knowing all the specifics I still manage to feel bad for him. Sanjay said he got the incriminating gun for self-defense purposes. I understand the latter part, as a celebrity you want to feel protected. But an Ak56 assault rifle? i say a neat little pistol will do for self-defense. and then buy a rifle from a malavita? a gangster? wouldn’t you go and get a registered gun? The lack of good judgement and common sense is pretty obvious but

I always feel somewhat embittered when celebrities get in trouble and don’t face consequences and I am not alone. The justice system turns to rubber in front of VIPs. And then a movie comes out like JollyLLB reinforcing the loss of trust in the justice system.

Of course it helps to get some token heads rolling, or maybe it’s unrelated. but I must say it crossed my mind. I mean, 20 years later they come up with that? Wasn’t the incident in 1993? He served 18 months already.

Jail is a horrible place but I am sure he will be a hero there. They will all love him but it will require adjustments. From the limelight, life in the fast lane, confined to a cell.  I feel for Sanjay Dutt. He slipped into this calamity by frequenting the wrong people. Somehow I think there won’t be a pardon but maybe they will release him early for good behavior.

This time it won’t be a movie set, where you take off your make-up and go home for our Sanjay.  His family, his friends, his colleagues must be heartbroken. He didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t use the gun, somebody else did. He is no terrorist.Somehow the sentence seems to be too harsh. I am rooting for Sanjay Dutt. But I also find it important that the law is upheld. It says a lot about him that he is not asking for Pardon. But I hope that Pardon will find him.

Sanjay Dutt breaks down, says won’t apply for pardon – ndtv article

1993 Bombay blasts: how a gun changed Sanjay Dutt’s life


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