Katrina Kaif sprints into action: who needs romance?

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Katrina is excited about her two new action movies “Bang Bang” and “Dhoom3”

but nobody could be more excited than her fans who admired her sprinting through Ek Tha Tiger with Salman Khan. (why wasn’t that the most successful movie of all times? I LOVED IT, but then, I am a huge Katrina fan and I love her in all her movies. she just always shines so bright).

I googled and googled and googled my heart out but I couldn’t find the scene where Katrina shows off her action skills. But if you saw the movie, you know this girl can RUN! :-)

and DIVE:


check out:

Katrina Kaif excited to take up action genre

Press Trust of India | March 14, 2013 20:12 IST (Mumbai)
Katrina Kaif excited to take up action genre

Katrina will next be seen in action flick Dhoom 3.
Katrina Kaif has usually done love stories but the actress says she is looking forward to go beyond her romantic image with action films Dhoom 3 and Bang Bang.The two films, starring Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan, involve hardcore action and Katrina herself will be seen performing some dare devil stunts.”Bang Bang is inspired by Hollywood film Knight and Day but we have re-done the story to suit Indian audience. It is an action comedy and I haven’t done anything like this in a long time.

“All my previous movies have more or less been love stories. This also has a love angle but with a twist. It is a huge change and I am really excited about it,” she told PTI. Katrina is currently busy filming Aamir Khan starrer Dhoom 3 in Switzerland.

“We are still shooting… Still have a lot of work to do but it is shaping up well. It is a very glamorous and bold role at the same time. I am having a good time working with Aamir. He is a wonderful actor, extremely supportive.”

The Singh Is King star recently joined the list of actresses who have worked with the top three Khan’s (Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir) of the industry.

Though she feels lucky to have worked with the three superstars, Katrina says beyond a point name does not matter more than the work she is being offered.

“The big deal is they are legends and have been in the industry for the longest time… I am very fortunate to have got an opportunity of working will all three. It has been a learning and informative experience but beyond that I think it is not whom you work with but the kind of movies you do and what are you interests. What matters to me is the script and the director I am working with,” she said.

Coming from a non-filmy background and considering her non-fluency in Hindi, Katrina has achieved a lot by delivering hits like New York, Raajneeti, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger and Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Besides movies, she is also a part of many endorsements. She recently shot for an all new campaign for Mango drink Slice, titled the Slice taste challenge.

Katrina returns to her seductive look in the commercial, which she feels has a very poetic feel to it.

“Slice has been one of my best associations. When they started, their ideas just clicked with me. I believe if the base of the project is strong be it movies or ads, half of the work is already done.

“Also what I like is the sensual and visually appealing look of the ad. The quality is so poetic and it has a story with a message. All of this makes the journey of being with them more special and exciting,” she added.

Commenting on the recent reports about her younger sister joining the film industry, Katrina said, “Isabelle is currently in LA completing her acting course. She is happy there and has no plans of coming to Bollywood as of now. So as and when she completes her course and if she wants to come she can come.”

and here is her juicy Slice ad:

okay, Katrina you got us to eat the pound of sugar hidden in that drink. what else?

almost as yummy is her performance in the song Sheila Ki Jawaani

oh sorry, that was her body-double



phir milenge at Bang Bang and Dhoom 3



Dream couple Hrithik and Katrina return with a double bang

It’s official. It’s a reunion. Bang Bang.

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Hrithik returns with Katrina Kaif to the big screen after the mega-successes of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Agneepath with Bang Bang,  the remake of Knight and Day (2010, with Cruise-Control and Cameron Diaz)… Outch. I was hoping for something more original…Hey Bollywood,  Siddharth Anand, please! not ANOTHER REMAKE!!!

Having blurted that out, sometimes Indian remakes are extraordinarily entertaining. John Abraham and Nana Patekar’s killer chemistry and the pace of Taxi no 9211, the remake of Changing Lanes (starring Ben Affleck and Samuel Jackson)  was much more edgy and interesting than the original.

Siddharth Anand has roped in Hollywood’s famous action Conrad Palmisano, who has choreographed and coordinated the beautiful stunts in  Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger for his new venture.  image found at bollywoodhungamaSiddharth is much better known in the romance department. He  has directed Anjaana Anjaani (2010),  Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008), TaRaRumPum (2007) okay, a bit of race car drivie here,  and Salaam Namaste (2005).  I enjoyed all these movies and I am looking forward to his debut in the category ‘action’

It has been already wildly speculated if we will see Hrithik and Katrina liplock in BangBang. Oh, Salman, relax, it’s just acting!! But I hear we’ll be disappointed in this regard. (and I can’t remember Diaz kissing CruiseControl in Knight and Day. Do you?)  So we’ll have to see where Siddharth is taking us romantically. One thing is sure: Katrina and Hrithik make a filmi dream-pair! But we can’t say that too loud, Salman might hear us :-)

crouching tiger fighting Khiladi 786


What happened to good old fashioned somewhat realistic fight scenes? (ahhh if it wasn’t for the silly sound effects..)


crouching tiger hidden something whatever has ruined it for us. I knew it then. That was the end of an era. Since then we have learned to filmistically fly up walls and through the air like birthday balloons. Sorry but it’s getting old on me. Give me stuff people can actually do.

Aside from that I am happy to see Akki back in action mode.

Ek Tha Tiger roars with stunts and top stunt-crew

India has come a long way what concerns credible action scenes. I used to laugh at action sequences that were accompanied by somewhat childish sound effects and I always felt bad for these poor gutsy stuntmen who took a beating and/or were thrown around sets. Let’s face it, they belong to Bollywood’s great many unsung heroes. I wonder sometimes what kind of health issues they have to face as they are getting older.  A-listers can afford good medical care, physio-therapy and the likes, but what about all the side-kicks who put their lives on line for a few bucks…. do you ever wonder? but that’s besides the point.

Lately the quality of action scenes in BW movies has gone ten notches up. Special effects are getting increasingly better and are much more sophisticated, which might take the edge of some of the more dangerous stunts.  Ding dong sound effects have been also pretty much abolished and are mostly used now in masala movies that cater to the 80s styles.

When it comes to action sequences in Bollywood movies now, I am not laughing ANYMORE.   I go….WOWWWW!

Salman Khan, who discovered in the last few years (after a couple of flops in the BW romance department)  that people prefer to see him as a macho hero, fighting, the more the better, with just a dash of romance (to get the ladies excited),  has honed his action skills in Wanted (2008), Dabangg (2010), Ready (2011) and Bodyguard (2011).

In better physical shape than ever (even if he has battled quite a few injuries!) Sallu has surprised us with lots of impressive action scenes and in Ek Tha Tiger, which hits the theaters next month, he will pull out all the stops.

Salman’s call to arms has brought together a whole team of stunt experts from camp Hollywood and Bollywood. Whether for scenes in hand-to-hand combat or for the various chase sequences he has recruited an elite stunt director from Hollywood: Conrad Palmisano from  Rambo, Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour..nm0003886

Stunt coordinator is Markos Rounthwaite, who worked on the Bourne Ultimatum and Ironman.   nm0745775
Kabir Khan, Ek Tha Tiger’s director stated that  stuntmen and action crew were pulled together from  12 different countries. The action scenes were filmed across various continents:  India, Turkey, Iraq, Cuba and Ireland. He is confident that this movie will redefine the idea of action movies in Bollywood.

Kabir Khan wrote and directed  one of my favorite BW movies, Kabul Express (2006) and directed the movie New York (2009). He wrote the screenplay for Ek Tha Tiger and directed it.

Tezz or the patience one needs to sit thru an action flick

Tere Bina by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will be probably the only thing I will like about Tezz. It looks like a rehash of all kind of Hollywood action movies from Unstoppable to all of these Die Hard, Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, Denzel Washington kinda  flicks. Who has to stop whom to prevent a major catastrophe, a terrorist attack, a nuclear bomb with chases after chases after chases by car by bike by bus by train by plane or just by running obstacle courses..

From the trailer we can see  that Ajay is pacing around this movie looking all so serious after being innocently accused and now on the run to discover the truth. He is supported by his innocent damsel, wife or girlfriend played by Kangana Ranaut (Tere Bina is probably a song belonging to the intro of the movie where we get to know her a lil bit)  who might or might not be sacrificed. And if she does we’ll be angry, HE’ll be VERY ANGRY and carry out his mission with even higher resolve. That’s how I picture the movie. The only thing I know about it so far is that it has got mediocre reviews, which I haven’t bothered to read since I am going to see this movie in a few days and I want to maintain a shred of  a surprise factor.  Maybe Kangana isn’t as innocent as she looks in Tere Bina. Maybe she is the mastermind and is holding back a few surprising Karate moves? :-) Nah. Too revolutionary. Would be as convincing as Paris Hilton playing a nuclear scientist.

Obviously films of this kind aren’t targeting my peeps. Women. We sit through these shallow exercises in ‘figure out who’s the bad guy and why he’s doing what he’s doing’ with a sense of duty to please whoever took us to see the movie. We yawn through the car chases, gun-toting guys running wild. there will be always a woman on duty, who is sharp and can run fast too, she doesn’t have to be so pretty. and then there are glimpses of the one or two objects of desire, clad in little nothings, appearing briefly but have no part in the plot. Let’s face it, movies that are targeting men are usually one-dimensional and dull. Will Tezz be any different?

Let’s lean back and watch. I’ll tell you later. Or you tell me…