Newest fashion trend for porn stars: burqa, anyone?

It sends the clear message: burqa me, s’il vous plait! :-)

I love it when the world turns upside down for a moment… today’s moment clearly belongs to Sunny Leone, the woman who is torn between being a porn star, a Bollywood queen or a devout Muslim.






Sunny Leone spotted in burqa

Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 11:17 [IST]


Sunny Leone spotted in burqa

Porn star Sunny Leone has yet again surprised us, but this time she did it in a different style. A leading daily reports that Sunny Leone had recently donned a burqa to meet producer Ekta Kapoor.

Leone is currently working days and nights in order to excel in her Bollywood debut Jism 2. Reports also say that Ekta Kapoor has finalised Ms Leone for Ragini MMS 2. Though this news has not yet been confirmed, it is believed that Ekta wanted to keep the secret under wraps, as the Bhatts did earlier in the case of Jism 2.

A source informed the daily that since Ekta wanted the meeting to remain a secret, Sunny wore a burkha and visited the former’s office, in order to sign the Ragini MMS 2 contract.

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