Khiladi holladi holladidum

releases Dec 7th

Action: Akki in his hottest, pheromoniest Khiladi avatar! Get ready!! Looks like fun.

I love Akshay Kumar in action-packed roles. He’s a bit older now but age doesn’t seem to interfere with his sexiness. Whereas I find that Salman Khan and Shahrukh have lost some of their legendary sex-appeal [ but maybe that’s just me],  this little gangster hasn’t.

He’s a bit heavier around the middle but I don’t mind. hey, and that’s the keyword: MIND. Akki sparkles with genuine enthusiasm and it’s somehow contagious. Salman looks a lit bit worn out. Shahrukh turned slightly introvert, Akki seems to enjoy himself. Even in lukewarm or disastrous movies, he is always a breeze of fresh air. so yes, I am looking fwd to the movie.


Most of all, however, I’d  like to see him pairing up again with John Abraham! That would be my greatest joy. They make such a power-team! Garam Masala, Desi Boyz… Action/Romance/Comedy: Can you make it a triple play!?

John Abraham and Akshay Kumar on near-collision course..

not to worry, saved by the body-guards in the nick of time.

Outch. Our Bollywood hunks use too much “protein” powder for their workouts. Seems to get into their heads… haha. Either that or it helps the publicity for Housefull 2….Hm hm..something is stuck in my throat.

Ok, let’s play the game? Who was hotter in Desi Boyz? Does it really matter? They were GREAT together in Garam Masala and they were great TOGETHER in Desi Boyz. And that’s all that they need to know.

Of course the female viewers here would not mind to witness a BigCat fight, just to see how well  all these muscles work in real life…

But then of course we hope they will make up over a case of beer.

Betcha, in thirty years they will sit together in those gigantic arm chairs and laugh about it, play the old movies and congratulate each other how hot they looked once upon a time…



Come on! do these two look to you as if they could be seriously fighting?

Meanwhile, I am looking fwd to ultra loud and wild Housefull 2, opening April 6th!






Akshay Kumar, John Abraham in a brawl


Close on the heels of a much public spat between actors Shah Rukh Khan and filmmaker Shirish Kunder, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham almost came to blows on Friday at their film’s screening.  Caught on camera by our photographer who was late in leaving the venue after the screening of their upcoming film Housefull 2 at a theatre in Mumbai, the actors got into a heated argument that soon escalated into what seemed like a physical fight. While most guests had left by then, the few eyewitnesses revealed that the altercation got to a point where the actors’ bodyguards had to intervene. The private screening of the film, meant for close friends, and family, apparently ignited a debate about who was behind the success of their last hit Desi Boyz (2011), which fared well at the box-office. “Someone made a joke comparing the two, and what started as a harmless banter suddenly got serious. Back in the day there were some rumours of rivalry between the two even during their film Garam Masala (2005); so that could have made matters worse. Both of them are known to be hot headed anyway,” said a crew member of Housefull’s production team, requesting anonymity.

Ironically, the two  have maintained a cordial relationship in the press as there have been regular reports about Akshay’s son, Aarav, being a big fan of John. The actors who got miffed at spotting our shutterbug clicking pictures, refused to respond to our messages. ‘Everything’s well. It was just a silly argument that’s sorted,” explained the film’s spokesperson later.