Ferrari Ki Sawari



A little boy thinks of nothing but cricket.

His father, Rusy, thinks of nothing but his little boy.

To fulfill his son’s dream of playing at Lord’s cricket ground, the honest and upright Rusy takes a reckless step.

He borrows a gleaming red Ferrari. Just for one hour. The only trouble– he doesn’t inform the car’s legendary owner.

A wild, breathless, bumpy ride begins.

A naive Rusy must dodge bullets and bouncers for one unforgettable night, and play the role of a perfect father. Can he do it?

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a fun-filled story of small guys and their big dreams… and how these dreams turn into a mad comedy of errors.

Fasten your seatbelts. The joyride awaits…

(from Wikipedia)


Don’t expect Batman 3…  but Boman Irani is always a joy to watch and we got Sharman Joshi as a brandnew BW protagonist. He was saying about this movie that it is a heartwarming tale. I am not exactly sure which age group is going to see it.  from the look of it, consider me 14.