Lootera, enchanted.

Get ready for some arresting, beautifully filmed images and songs that will melt your heart away.

Sonakshi Sinha has never been more charming and Ranveer Singh makes us fall in love with him all over again in Lootera.

Not only does the movie take place in 1953, it gives you the feeling  you are watching a movie of that era. It flows easy and gently through the first half, a romantic lullaby. It picks up drama and temporarily pace, only to level out again. The last quarter is quiet and introspective. No great Dabanggs here. Inner turmoils. A tale of redemption, of love conquers all and makes wrongs right.

The movie is set in West Bengal and captures the essence of Bengali films. It reminded my of the quietness of deep mountain lakes. You jolt a stone and it will create gentle ripples on the surface whilst it cuts through the deep waters, never to touch bottom.

Sonakshi Sinha graces each frame with her quintessentially Indian beauty. She conjures images of goddesses. As if somebody rubbed an oil-lamp, releasing a genie. She is greeting you from old paintings of a bygone era.  Sonaskhi is so beautiful you want to freeze time to keep her that way forever. I will always want to see her draped in colorful saris, not in skimpy Kareena outfits. The role of Pakhi was written for her.  I was glad to hear that she quit her agent over the refusal to take part in “Welcome.”  She is a character actress like Vidya Balan, a powerhouse, wasted on dumbed down movies. She should be weighing carefully her roles and remain true to herself.

Ranveer Singh plays his character Varun with depth and complexity.  Not to say I was surprised. I loved his nonchalance, energy and charisma  in Band Baaja Barat. This role as Varun,brings out a new side to him, the turmoiled, torn, emotionally charged.  Ranveer reminded me of Ralph Fiennes in The English patient, when he opened the door of his room to Pakhi. Or Ruldolfo Valentino in The Sheik. I bet every woman’s heart stood still for a moment.  This movie is heartbreakingly beautiful. I savored each minutet. Maybe it’s also the nostalgia of going back in time, before computers, before cell phones. A movie without the gadgets of our time felt so good all for sudden. Life seemed so different then.

If you want to spoil it for yourself, read all the reviews and storyline upfront. Or don’t ready anything about it and let the movie do its magic.

In a nutshell, a young archeologist, Varun Shrivastav (Ranveer Singh), comes with a friend  to excavate a temple site situated on grounds of a local Zamindar. He gains his trust and confidence of the kind Zamindar’s , whose most valuable asset is his daughter Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha). Her feeble health is of great concern to him. From the first encounter  Pakhi feels increasingly drawn to  Varun and falls under his spell.  He is not what he seems to be though and things take an ugly turn.

If you are a guy, who loves action movies, don’t watch this movie. If you suffer from attention deficit disorder, don’t watch this movie. If you haven’t slept in days, bring a comfort pillow.

It’s a good date movie, if you want to reach out to the woman of your dreams. You might get lucky.

Writer/director Vikramaditya Motwane is a filmmaker after my heart. He has shown his talent with Udaan and DevD. He has worked on Devdas (2002) as associate director, as the choreographer in Water (2005)  and it must have inspired him. This movie is ripe with the tone and color of those two films, but Lootera is his masterwork.

I hope the movie makes it to the Oscar’s.


Sonakshi Sinha puts the S in _exy

It’s not  the first time that Salman Khan catapulted an aspiring actress  to  fame.  He is really good at that.  He has the eye for talent. It didn’t surprise us at all that he discovered the adorable Sonakshi Sinha, giving her a major breakthrough role.

Since I started watching Bollywood movies  Salman has been launching  Aishwarya, Katrina Kaif and Asin;  helping them out often in tumultuous but effective ways they became the hottest actresses in Bollyland.  Dabangg created another diamond:  Sonakshi.

With Dabangg,  Salman and Sonakshi created blockbuster magic in 2010.  Her  debut alone generated a Big Bangg!  Since then Sonakshi has signed up for six different movies. Rowdy Rathore and  Joker, both with Akshay KumarLootera with Ranvir Singh;   Son of Sardar with Ajay DevganDabangg2  and Kick, both with Salman again!  So we’ll be seeing quite a bit of her.

wikipedia:  Sonakshi_Sinha

Ranveer Singh: a star on the rise

Since Ranveer Singh‘s  phenomenal surprise hit  Band Baaja Barat, his Bollywood debut last year, where he plays the disarmingly charming Bittoo,
everyone in Bollywood must have had this one thought:  is Ranveer the new Get, the new It, the new young SRK on the block?  Of course, the movie was young and refreshing, the chemistry with Anushka Sharma the driving force.  But Ranveer is somebody this whole industry has been waiting for impatiently. The young, irreverent hero, the heart-breaker.  His energy is infectious. He has the looks. He is a natural in front of the camera. And he has the most important quality of all: Youth. It’s a winning combo, so it doesn’t surprise that everyone now wants a piece of him.
He is presently shooting Lootera, next to Dabangg’s newcomer Sonakshi Sinha, which will be releasing in October 2012. There will be quite a hype around this movie.  Its producer Vikas Bahl has been part of the best films of the last few years:
2011 Thank You (creative producer)
2011 7 Khoon Maaf (creative producer)
2011 No One Killed Jessica (creative producer)
2010 Udaan (associate producer)
2009 ExTerminators (associate producer)
2009 Dev D (associate producer)
2008 Welcome to Sajjanpur (co-producer)
2008 Aamir (co-producer)
Quite impressive as a resume. These are some of my favorite movies! So Ranveer should be in extremely good hands here. Word goes around that Karan Johar expressed interest, too, in working with Ranveer.
Ranveer’s most recent movie , Ladies vs Ricky Bahl was more a vehicle for Anushka Sharma. Even though it couldn’t generate a box office  tsunami, it was still a fun and watchable movie. But I am sure that Bollywood will want to test if he has the same draw as the young Khans once had and offer him interesting roles. How big will he be?  we won’t know for a while.. he is still a wild card in the game, but one with great promise.