Hrithik Roshan’s (curious) case of polydactyly

I wouldn’t have noticed if someone hadn’t pointed it out to me watching  Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:  Hrithik’s thumb, an additional plus conjoined thumb. Why had I never noticed in earlier films?  Was he hiding it? Why did I never see it?



In India, bless her heart, a deformity is considered luck. The gods gave you a special gift. I doubt though that children see it that way when you grow up. I bet Hrithik got teased a lot. Children can be cruel in their honesty and innocence.  All considered, maybe it was luck for him, it sensitized him. There is always a sense of melancholy and profound sentiment that transpires in his performances. Maybe it gave him introspection, the gift of never taking anything for granted. Looking at him, at his exquisite beauty, I am almost certain that he was kissed by the gods  in every other way. He became a successful actor, a good actor and he is stunningly attractive.

Is it because of the  symbolic sign of luck that he never considered surgery?  most likely he must have given it some thought.  In Agneepath there is a scene where he embraces Priyanka and the camera rests on his hand. I think the fact that he doesn’t hide the thumb anymore, well, a little bit he does, but it’s almost as if he is giving the camera the green light and says, Here, this is who I am.

I appreciate the fact that his thumb is coming out of the closet – I think it’s great, but at the same time I wonder if he wouldn’t be much happier if he just had a corrective surgery!  With today’s medical technology it should be possible.  I don’t think it would change his luck for the worse.

Women have a blast with cosmetic surgery, they are storming full power into breast augmentations, nose jobs, liposuction, fat injections here and there, quite upfront, often without mystifying  it or apologizing.  It does sometimes change their luck,  for the better, mostly. :-)

I think the human eye scans for abnormalities, not even viciously, but it’s almost hard-wired into us.  When we detect anything abnormal or unusual that’s where our eyes will wander.

It may not be vicious or biased, it is what it is.  When I watch Hrithik now on screen I almost can’t help but look.  my mind goes, where is that thumb, … And then I want to slap myself because I feel guilty for even thinking that.   In time I might not even register it anymore. We get used to things that are out of place. I just need to look around in  my room….  piles of books, notes, bills, cashew nuts and a cup with loose change, advils from my last headache three weeks ago… I don’t see it anymore, therefor I don’t see the need to change it.

Maybe I  appreciate the fact that he stays strong and tells us “accept me for who I am”.  It takes strength and courage especially in a movie industry that puts such a high premium on perfection.  I appreciate Hrithik, with one, two, or ten thumbs. He is a marvelous actor and I am looking forward to his next film. I might reconsider though making order in my room this weekend…

PS Talking about perfection, I was just looking at Priyanka ten years ago. and she definitely had a nose job since then. :-)