Shahid and his pretty stalker

Shahid and his beautiful stalker

So we hear that our filmi heartthrob Shahid has filed a complaint against Raj Kumar’s daughter Vastavikta Pandit.

Shahid Kapoor has accused her of stalking him. Just like in a good Bollywood movie, the beautiful Vastavikta was smitten with her Shahid since she laid eyes on him at Shiamak Davar’s jazz classes which they both seemed to have attended.It must have been love at first sight on her part, and who can blame her? He is gorgeous.




From what we hear, Vastavikta, apparently after moving nearby his home about nine months ago, started standing at the gate of his building when he leaves for shoots and waits for him when he comes back. (bit like Haatchi, the loyal dog, who awaited his master at the train station every day and continued to do so for years after his owner’s death).  She followed Shahid in her car, she even climbed the walls to get to his apartment… dodging security guards. (Reminds me a lot of Socha Na Tha…) Yup, it’s a bit extreme this infatuation. But it’s still very human :-)

Now Vastavikta is a very pretty girl. she holds a degree from S.I.T in Manhattan. You would think she has everything going for herself, except for the man there she fell in love with and so desperately wants that she forgets all her good manners. He should be flattered, maybe. He should have tried talking to her maybe and explain that he has no interest whatsoever instead of filing a police report.

Very few things in life hurt as much as unrequited love. This woman, she is desperate but not a mental case. Filing a police report seems to be a bit drastic. Why ruin her life like that? He talked to her family apparently but never to her. I guess stardom makes you a tad paranoid. She doesn’t appear to be a monster. She has just hopelessly fallen for the wrong guy. But she is still a person, a woman, not some stray dog nor a terrorist whom he has to fend off with the help of police. at least, that’s how I see it.

Now in a Bollywood movie thisscenario would lead probably  to a shaadi, because the person who loves so intensely without boundaries usually gets rewarded with the price. Helas, not so in real life. Not so in real life.

In real life unrequited love is something most of us had to deal with and live with it  at one time or the other. It’s a pretty common phenomenon.Somebody who gets smitten with you and will start calling you day and night. We feel stalked but we usually talk it through. We might follow ex lovers on FB, stalking them there… We do all kind of stupid things when we are in love..

Shahid is a big star, so when you fall for a star in this manner you probably delude yourself that if he  would just get to know you, if you just would have a chance to talk to him he will turn around. Afterall, there are cases of that recorded in history. Movie stars have fallen for cocktail waitresses and sometimes even married them, happened to Kevin Costner, to George Clooney and god knows.. Prince they say got married to a fan of his.. Arthur Rubinstein, the famous pianist got married late in life to a much younger fan…divorcing in his 70s from his wife. We hear this kind of stories. But this is not what is happening here.

Vastavikta , daughter of the legendary actor Late Mr. Raj Kumar, made her filmi debut in 2006 in Karan Razdan’s ‘Eight Shani’. I haven’t seen the movie, I don’t know how good she is, but apparently instead of applying herself to get more acting gigs she dipped into a day dream fog, imagining herself as Mrs Shahid Kapoor.  Somehow that’s so sad and I wish her good luck in her life. Hopefully she will leave this infatuation  behind her now and hopefully her life won’t be too damaged by this scandal. I feel for her.