Ram Gopal Varma’s film based on “The Attacks of 26/11”

a date that will live on in infamy in India, remembered for its senseless bloodshed.  At least 164 died that day in a hail of AK gunfire, and close to 300 were injured. The terrorist attacks were minutely orchestrated and executed by members of the Pakistan-based militant organization Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), showing no mercy on men, women, children, the sick, the old, the innocent,  Hindu, Christians and even Muslims. Not even street dogs are spared.. The message is to spread terror and instill fear.

Ram Gopal Varma conveys that brutality in his movie 26/11 convincingly. The movie opens at the trial with the testimony of the Joint Police Commissioner played by Nana Patekar before it cuts to the action that we all await with pounding hearts in memory of those painful days in Mumbai in the fall of 2008.

A fishermen’s boat being is captured by a group of men with blood on their mind. Hat off to Ram Gopal Varma. The early scenes on open sea and as the determined and blood-thirsty jihadists make it to shore are foreboding, bone-chilling. Numbing. Evil taking over. That moment right there, the fishermen chatting on about their lives, simple men working hard to eke out a living. A boat approaches from far with someone waving a white flag signaling distress. A short and brutal take-over. Knowing what is to come, the audience is shrouded in helplessness. Ram Gopal Varma has us in his hands.

We get a first glimpse at Sanjeev Jaiswal as Kasab, the lone gunman brought to justice later on. Jaiswal dominates the second half of the movie with his unbelievably powerful performance.

Meanwhile the dangerous, cold blooded fire in the eyes of the jihadists is grabbing us by our throats. As we watch the first wave of slaughter taking place offshore in deep waters and almost feel in flesh the fear and helplessness of the fishing crew, all of whom will perish, it fills you with disgust and rage seeing the perpetrators change into outfits of regular tourists, who could be easily mistaken for a group of high-school friends coming to town for an innocuous sightseeing tour. Only instead of notebooks and travel guides they carry AK47s which they now start to unleash in unprecedented fashion on innocent Mumbaites, targeting at least six different locations.

The city is under siege for the next three days. But RGV is not guiding us through the whole process and exact events. He gives us an idea about the first hours and what they looked like. The Leopold Cafe, the Taj Mahal Grand Hotel, the Chhatrapati Shivaji train station, the Cama Hospital, the taxi, who is picking up the group with Mohammed the driver who gets later on blown up into pieces. No one is spared in the bloodbath that unfolds..

This is Ram Gopal Varma’s most powerful film to date. Even though I felt it stopped in its path by dedicating too little time on the whole event, which encompassed a couple of days. It would have been probably too grand of a task to film a Taj Mahal Hotel engulfed in flames, how the terrorists went from room to room through the whole building lining up hostages. So many stories of heroism and victimization untold…voices who would have had merit to be heard. Instead Varma takes a different route. He cuts short to the capture of Kasab and the second half it becomes Kasab’s story.  Sanjeev Saiswal’s intensity  reminded me of some of the most epic moments in film, the greatness of actors like Toshiro Mifune. Makeup and cinematography and his acting it all comes together in a torrent that washes you away like a tsunami. The one weakness the film has, it can’t hold the bundled up tension together, it becomes preachy and verbose as the Police Commisisoner starts philosophizing over the true meaning of the Quran and Jihad. Even though the message is well taken, and Nana Patekar delivers a fine performance here, the movie would have been much stronger without a sermon at the end. Do we need to rehabilitate jihadists on death-row? show them there are no virgins no baths in milk and honey, only scores of victims cursing them out in the afterlife? Any wannabe Jihadist will walk out of the movie or turn off the TV. Sometimes messages clouded in silence speak actually louder. The scene where Kasab is seen thrown on the corpses of his comrades was powerful enough in itself. It didn’t need any dialogue.

So I would have preferred more time dedicated to actual facts and events, which were kind of hushed over and lingered in question marks in my head as I was walking out of the movie. I felt that one third of the entire film was MIA, due to perhaps budgetary restraints or were left behind on the cutting board. Despite some of its weaknesses, this film is incredible and the most powerful moments have etched themselves already into my memory files.

and one question at the end I want to ask RGV: did he bring a vet to the set who knocked out the dog temporarily? or more permanently? I’d like to know. Usually you will see a “no animal was hurt” – maybe I missed it?

Making headlines in India: Kirsten Stewart wants to work with Hrithik

Kirsten Stewart

Kirsten kam chayie Hritihik ke sath: Suzanne, get out those pink handcuffs that u might keep in the closet for other purposes… :-) and Hrithik: RUN!

In this interview she talks about growing maternal instincts. I dunno if I wanted my man to work with that little foxy siren.. especially with her newly discovered nesting instincts.  But hey, I can see her in Bollywood. She would look gorgeous in Indian garbs. Except they should make it a silent movie. Maybe RGV will get her for an item song. He’d be so down for that! :-)


ndtv movies:


Rowdy Ram….Gopal Varma should stop apologizing. Department ain’t bad.

Thumbs down for all the critics who panned it. I should know better by now and not listening to critics. Is it because I am watching Bollywood movies from a Western perspective, or because I am weird, but I LOVED Department!

It’s a  department from your typical  good-cop bad-cop, corrupt politician, or in this case, gangster-turned-politician,  feuding-dons-narrative. Partly because the camera angles force you out of your comfort zone and turn everything upside down in unison with the characters who switch continuously in their loyalties.  At the end you are visually and mentally puzzled and can’t tell right from wrong anymore yourself. As the characters keep emphasizing, only situations keep fluctuating in terms of right or wrong. Illegally legal or legally illegal?   Unfortunately there is a component of a disturbingly wishful thinking  here, why not create a system that allows us to kill off all the bad guys without giving them legal recourse, in a Gestapo death squad fashion. It also shows you how complicated it could get.

I usually fall asleep during these kind of movies, but Department had me up and interested in the progression of the story from the first to the last moment. Big B as Sarjerao and Sanjay Dutt, as police officer Mahadev, were just marvelous to watch in action, how they can bring to life complex characters with such ease. I also enoyed Rana Daggubati’s performance in his transformation from good, brave and honest cop to kiss my derriere.

Ram Gopal Varma was lucky Sunny Leone pulled out.  Nathalia Kaur was sensationally hot. She was ON FIRE! an erupting volcano of sensuality. junglee wild. Her item number was breath-taking.  The other songs fell flat. Even though I enjoyed watching Amitabh swinging his leg…:-)

Abhimanyu Singh as  DK and Madhu Shalini as Naseer were miscast.  Naseer wasn’t sociopathic enough.  Kalki Koechlin would have been a better choice for that role.

Vijay Raaz as Sawatya, the don who keeps losing clout, was an asset.  some memorable camera shots and light.

I loved the queer cinematography, the exaggerations of the fight scenes. It all added up to be wildly entertaining. from foot fetish to tea-cup fetishism, the unbalanced and shaky camera. I thought it was all very original. I truly enjoyed the movie. And I BET cinematographers will use those ideas and maybe integrate them with more finesse perhaps, but they should take notice and integrate some of these concepts in movies of this genre.

Bombay theater in Flushing had actually a fairly nice showing. Of course 99% were men. I was surprised after these terrible reviews to see anybody show up.

I  have one dumb question though for those bravehearts, who actually watched the movie:  I don’t know if it  might have been lost in translation or set up intentionally, but Who was  Mohammed Gauri in all of this. Did I miss the most important point or could this have been

A tool for setting up a possible sequel?


When police officer Mahadev Bhosale (Sanjay Dutt) is asked by his bosses to form a hit squad to take on the Mumbai underworld, he recruits Shiv Narayan (Rana Daggubati), an honest and brave police officer who had been suspended for an encounter killing.

Together, Mahadev, Shiv and others in the ‘Department’ take on Sawatya’s (Vijay Raaz) gang. Sawatya, in spite of many exhortations by his number two, D.K. (Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh), and D.K.’s feisty girlfriend, Naseer (Madhu Shalini), does not hit back at the police.

There is another rival gang, lead by one Mohammad Gauri.

There is also the gangster-turned-minister, Sarjerao Gaikwad (Amitabh Bachchan), who takes Shiv under his wing after Shiv saves his life at a public rally. Mahadev warns Shiv that Sarjerao is just using him. After a certain turn of events, it is exposed that Mahadev is actually working for Mohammad Gauri and is, at the ganglord’s behest, finishing off Sawatya’s gang.

While Shiv declines to be a part of Mahadev’s corrupt world, and Mahadev agrees to let him be, things start falling apart between the mentor and the apprentice when Shiv starts taking on a sub-gang formed by D.K., under Mahadev’s protection.




A lot of people hated it, some liked it, me for example. Unfortunately it did very poorly at the box office. Sorry, RGV. not only did it cost you professional friendships, but it looks like it’s going to be a huge financial loss. For the time being.

I can imagine though that people will warm up to it eventually. The performances were really good and it was a hell of a funny movie. :-)


MUMBAI: As reported by businessofcinema.com, amongst major films, Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Department’ had replaced Venus’ ‘Tezz’, as the lowest opener of 2012 with first day collections of approximately Rs 25 million ( Rs 2.5 crore) net.

The first week collections showed no improvement. For a film opening in more than 1500 screens, ‘Department’ has seen the lowest first week collections. The total first week collections are in the range of Rs 115 million (Rs 11.50 crore) net.

Making matters worse, the second week has begun on an extremely poor note. On the 8th day, there has been a fall in collections of close to 95%.



Department ( in my heart ) for Big B

I wouldn’t be  half that excited about Department (where, I am sure, blood will flow abundantly) if it wasn’t for seeing Amitabh Bachchan again on screen, very much alive and hopping. After his health scare I am grateful for every movie we  get with him. He is still the heart and soul of Bollywood. He is living what he is preaching in his movies. He is a role model and I love him.


As it often is the case with living legends like Amitabh, his true worth and what he means to the industry and India at large will only be fully understood and recognized when the day nears, godforbid, that he will leave the stage. so I make it a point for myself to fully appreciate him now!

The film stars besides Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt and Rana Daggubati in lead roles. Directed by Ram Gopal Varma

Searching a friend for Ram Gopal Varma

I am looking for a friend for our RGV. I don’t buy it that he doesn’t want or need friends. We all need and want a friend, unless we happen to be an earthworm, maybe.

One good friend is actually enough. And I am pretty sure someone around him who thought he or she WAS a friend is going to be ticked off now and throwing the friendship towel.  Therefore we ought to step up now  to find him a new friend. If alone to show him how nice it is to have one.

There are few prerequisites we would like to see in potential candidates.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female, well, it does, of course, but it’s really secondary because rule #1. You don’t sleep with your friend. then it becomes immediately something different and has the potential to go up in flames. eventually. In RGV’s case maybe fast :-)

So, with that out of the way… He/she doesn’t have to be connected to the filmi industry. That would be only a burden. But he/she needs to HAVE LOVE for all things cinema, because that’s what RGV’s life is all about.

2. He/she needs PATIENCE!!! Patience to listen, not to talk back adversely, because he doesn’t like that. So we are talking about SAINTLY PATIENCE! Mother Theresa type of patience. Immense heavenly divine listening patience when he becomes creatively bitchy.

3. Mix good martinis. Or know how much ice goes into a scotch.

4. Pre-read papers, cut out everything that has to do with murder and politics, so that maybe one day as a tribute to you  he will make a COMEDY. or if you are a woman. a ROMANTIC COMEDY!  On TV let him only watch Sesame Street.

5. Be loyal. Be there when he hits a low. Don’t turn your phone off when you see his number flashing….even if you are tempted. don’t throw it against the wall. You’ll only have to buy a new phone..

6. I bet he likes street food. that is, if he eats at all…..I am not saying this condescendingly. Hot steaming street food is the best!!! everyone knows that.  Don’t expect to be dragged to a fancy restaurant, unless you are blessed with great boobs and long legs. Because he will want to show the world that he such a wonderful thing like you is actually his FRIEND, not  couch. In that case, though, a friendship might be difficult to maintain.

7. Be nice to him. Because, as I see it,  he needs to restore his faith in humanity, believe in the good in people. Occasionally.

I betcha he will make a good friend at the end of the day. Little eccentric perhaps.

I don’t have friends in personal life also – Ram Gopal Varma


Director-producer Ram Gopal Varma, known for bold comments on Twitter, expresses himself candidly on the social networking website and feels negativity has more creativity.

“Whenever you tweet, it is the way of expression. Whatever I want to say, I say through tweet. Whatever I want to say I don’t mind sharing with whoever wants to listen,” Varma told to reporters.

“On Twitter, they follow you and if they don’t want to listen to you, they will unfollow you. So, it is their choice, not my choice. I don’t have problem with anybody reading my tweet. I have nothing to hide…sometimes I could be offensive. Generally human beings are negative. There is nothing more creative than being bitchy,” he added.

He claims he doesn’t have any friends in the industry.

“Nobody is close to me. In fact, I don’t have any friends at all. I don’t have friends in personal life also. I don’t see a need for friends. I am my own friend.” – IANS


RGV’s “Not A Love Story” and not a fairy tale..

Ram Gopal Varmas grisly tale Not A Love Story is  based on the 2008 Neeraj Grover murder case, in which an aspiring actress and her fiance were found guilty of a heinous crime.

RGV tells the story without pathos. He is using unusual camera angles, a bit too many of them, but I liked the camera work, it draws you into the frenzy of a crime of passion. I can only imagine how a situation like that will distort your mind, your perceptions, your whole being. It feels unreal. You are all for sudden experience a nightmare you can’t wake up from. In that sense the camera work suits the film perfectly.

Good cast.


here is more on the story:  article2147397.ece





Ram Gopal Varma’s Vinsanity tweets

Either you love him or you hate him. You may just know his movies but hey, let me tell you, his tweets are a rare opportunity to get to know him better. So don’t miss the opportunity to check in on him every couple of days…
(from my inner conversation with:..)

Ram Gopal Varma


Indian Film Director & Producer

INDIA · http://www.facebook.com/RamGopalVarma

Most people are cockroaches nd most cockroaches are people.

(thank you, RGV for the deep insight. where would we be without you)

@chandu_koppolu:The max life span of EEGA is a week..But director RAJAMOULI for sure will extend it to 25 weeks”

I must get my hands on that movie. If you thought The Fly was awesome… then just wait for its Tollywood equivalent, but please don’t choke on this dramatic trailer:



Sudeep in the trailer is truly remarkable.alwys knew tht he ws a grt actr bt luks like Rajamouli mde hm outreach himself by leaps nd bounds

Idea of mkng a film on a common fly as the protagonist is a true curtain riser fr indian cinema to venture into hitherto unflied territories

(Cant WAIT for this film to come out. I hope they will show it in the US)

In sheer conceptual originality Eega looks like its miles ahead of Rajamoulis earlier blockbuster `Magadheera`

Eega trailer is SUPERB..check at http://www.eegamovie.com/videos I hv no doubts tht it wil b the mst path brkng vfx film to cme out of india

Inspite of me being on earth I still love the sun becos its brighter nd hotter

(You’re the second hottest thing, Mr. Varma)

Earth killed mre innocent men women nd children wth its barbaric weapons like tsunamis volcanoes etc so we shud all join hands to kill it

(Here comes the philosopher. And you know what? The man has a point there :-)  Ramji, relax, we are working on it. Hard.)

Earth hs alwys bn fucking us wth earthquakes killing millions of innocent ppl nd so I thnk its time tht we fuck it by switching al lights on

(well, basically we’ll fuck our wallets more than earth cuz as we all know all the good stuff gets recycled in one way or the other)

If ppl are truly nd really concerned about mother earth why don’t they ban electricity instead of doing stupid mandatory one hour cuts

(people are truly concerned about mother earth, but they don’t want to mess with you, cz how are you going to write your tweets if electricity gets cut off permanently?)

I always wondered who the husband of mother earth was?

(reflections in your darkest hour.. hate to break it to you but earth doesn’t require a husband to be a mother and incidentally, what does it make us, you and me if they aren’t married? As for the husband, i think he ran off, she’s a bit too wild for him. He thought she’s a slut, as a matter of fact,she certainly behaves like one.. .)

if nd only if mother earth promises to stop its earthquakes will I even lift my finger to even attempt to save it
(oh yea, baby, she’s been waiting for you to save her! 
– son to mother: “mom, if you don’t stop it with those earthquakes, droughts, floods and tornadoes, blizzards, thunderstorms I won’t carry your grocery bags”

@karthikfou: we in AP have earth hour everyday. Daily 3hrs..”

(it’s also called the romantic hour, candle light dinner included)

On the ocassion of save earth campaign I put all the lights on even the ones I normally don’t put on just to be different

(you see, I like that. A man with principles)

@pranavreddy4RGV:Its stupid to die for your beliefs because your beliefs cud be wrong.”


You can’t know what it is till u don’t know what it is


@udaynarayana:its only bcos there won’t be any more grand occasions after marriage that they celebrate marriages so grandly”.”

(from the man who has seen it all…)

@Nag_Anand:The early bird might enjoy the worm but the late bird enjoys the extra sleep”

@Nag_Anand:let’s nt Frget tht the reason why the big apples r at top of the basket is bcos a lot of little apples r keeping them up there.”

@raj_chindala:”if u are not thinking for urself u are not thinking at all””

Do Gods retire or do they just work once in a blue moon? If they are active every day hw come so many non sensical things happen evry day?

(truth is, one god doesn’t know what the other one is doing. Sad thing is even if you leave it to One, the result is the same.. Take me for example: Whenever I need him, the man is on vacation and the office is closed!)

@raj_chindala:”Most couples are happy for twenty odd years. Then they meet eachother””

(This joke is as old as the Bible, or in your case, the Upanishads)

Instead of commiting suicide why don’t they kill?

(Who what wha…. wt#ck: Duck!)

@raj_chindala:”The only thing whch is really worse than being completley blind is to have an incredible sight bt wth absolutley no vision””

(I’ve seen that in my Ophthalmologist’s office)

If loving one another doesn’t work you should just love another one

(as you did. btw, how did that work out for you?)

We learn smthng evry day, nd we also learn tht wht we learnd ystrdy ws wrong bt since evry dy bcms ystrdy it proves that we learn nothng “”

If hard work is what which makes u successful than all labourers would have been as rich as Mukesh Ambani

(a good one, Ramji sir, and keep up the good work)