RGV got out of bed on his left foot. Again.

I can’t help it but  i get the impression RGV  has a shot too much to drink kabhi kabhi, then gets the overwhelming desire to check out twitter…and the rest is history.  cuz the things he says at times….. tztzzz :-) either that or he really likes to provoke people. He is so fantastically gifted and makes great films but why does he have to say such nasty things? I wonder if he is just such an unhappy and bitter human being. Hey, RGV kya hua? got out of bed on your left foot today?

when you follow him on twitter he makes you laugh and cry at the same time…he’s so funny at times but some insult is always lurking around the corner.

Chill, RGV, play nice!

RGV insults SRK and his children

By: Bollywood Mantra Staff on 22nd March 2012

Ram Gopal Varma at Shiva - Press Conference

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his daring statement has remarked badly about Shahrukh Khan and his children. Shahrukh who is known as a doting father in the industry has been targeted by Ram Gopal Varma. SRK’s love for Aryan and Suhana is known to all. Despite hectic schedule, he makes sure that he fulfills all the responsibility of a father.

SRK is a cool dad and his love for his kids is not hidden to anyone but RGV seems not happy with the superstar. Targeting SRK, he tweeted, “If all children are so innocent nd have beautiful hearts how come most of them grow up to become bastards?” RGV wrote this on twitter after Shahrukh posted, “Missing my lil boy and girl….they have such small lovely hands….and such large beautiful hearts (sic).”

This is not the first time that RGV has badly commented about any star. It has become his habit. If any film dismal badly at the box-office, he is sure to pass out humiliating remarks.

If one recall when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s pregnancy was declared, he remarked, ‘I hate beautiful woman getting pregnant’.

This time Ram Gopal Varma has targeted Shahrukh Khan’s kids and sure SRK will not leave the filmmaker at any cost. Let’s wait and see how SRK counter attack the filmmaker.

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source: http://www.bollywoodmantra.com/news/rgv-insults-srk-and-his-children/8763/

Rahul Khanna’s dubbing accident

dubbing accident



…please someone send the man flowers

well, looking at it, it can have its advantages when you navigate  Mumbai’s nightmare traffic, for instance. you can use it liberally  as a blinker, as a warning….  :-)  but don’t try this at home.


Based on this photo  Anurag Kashyap or RGV just might  commission a script  The Accidental Bank Robber