Searching a friend for Ram Gopal Varma

I am looking for a friend for our RGV. I don’t buy it that he doesn’t want or need friends. We all need and want a friend, unless we happen to be an earthworm, maybe.

One good friend is actually enough. And I am pretty sure someone around him who thought he or she WAS a friend is going to be ticked off now and throwing the friendship towel.  Therefore we ought to step up now  to find him a new friend. If alone to show him how nice it is to have one.

There are few prerequisites we would like to see in potential candidates.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female, well, it does, of course, but it’s really secondary because rule #1. You don’t sleep with your friend. then it becomes immediately something different and has the potential to go up in flames. eventually. In RGV’s case maybe fast :-)

So, with that out of the way… He/she doesn’t have to be connected to the filmi industry. That would be only a burden. But he/she needs to HAVE LOVE for all things cinema, because that’s what RGV’s life is all about.

2. He/she needs PATIENCE!!! Patience to listen, not to talk back adversely, because he doesn’t like that. So we are talking about SAINTLY PATIENCE! Mother Theresa type of patience. Immense heavenly divine listening patience when he becomes creatively bitchy.

3. Mix good martinis. Or know how much ice goes into a scotch.

4. Pre-read papers, cut out everything that has to do with murder and politics, so that maybe one day as a tribute to you  he will make a COMEDY. or if you are a woman. a ROMANTIC COMEDY!  On TV let him only watch Sesame Street.

5. Be loyal. Be there when he hits a low. Don’t turn your phone off when you see his number flashing….even if you are tempted. don’t throw it against the wall. You’ll only have to buy a new phone..

6. I bet he likes street food. that is, if he eats at all…..I am not saying this condescendingly. Hot steaming street food is the best!!! everyone knows that.  Don’t expect to be dragged to a fancy restaurant, unless you are blessed with great boobs and long legs. Because he will want to show the world that he such a wonderful thing like you is actually his FRIEND, not  couch. In that case, though, a friendship might be difficult to maintain.

7. Be nice to him. Because, as I see it,  he needs to restore his faith in humanity, believe in the good in people. Occasionally.

I betcha he will make a good friend at the end of the day. Little eccentric perhaps.

I don’t have friends in personal life also – Ram Gopal Varma


Director-producer Ram Gopal Varma, known for bold comments on Twitter, expresses himself candidly on the social networking website and feels negativity has more creativity.

“Whenever you tweet, it is the way of expression. Whatever I want to say, I say through tweet. Whatever I want to say I don’t mind sharing with whoever wants to listen,” Varma told to reporters.

“On Twitter, they follow you and if they don’t want to listen to you, they will unfollow you. So, it is their choice, not my choice. I don’t have problem with anybody reading my tweet. I have nothing to hide…sometimes I could be offensive. Generally human beings are negative. There is nothing more creative than being bitchy,” he added.

He claims he doesn’t have any friends in the industry.

“Nobody is close to me. In fact, I don’t have any friends at all. I don’t have friends in personal life also. I don’t see a need for friends. I am my own friend.” – IANS