Best Indian commercials

I love Indian commercials :-)  Well, some are unimaginative too but others are really funny. Like these ones from State Farm.

This is one of my favorite Srk ads (for Pepsi). who can forget it…

or this with Uncle Shahrukh and Uncle John

ad for a permanent marker: (Camlin)


or these Fevikol glue commercials are cute

with Katrina Kaif:





do you have any others you can share with me?

How do you like your male BW stars, wrinkles or wrinkle-free?

Am I paranoid or do all the stars who gradually bend towards the half-century mark look stretched and unnatural? is that due to make-up, special effects, surgery, botox? all these nasty little cosmetic enhancement techniques circulating in Hollywood have crept into the lives of our male Bollywood stars. Used to be just steroids pumping up their muscles. and please I don’t want to know what side effects those have…but now all the plumping has invaded facial features, which equates with acting’s kiss of death. As you can’t properly use your muscles anymore, you fail inevitably to convey FEELINGS, likes, dislikes, joy sorrow anger… Faces have turned statuesque. You may think oh this person still looks GOOD for their age, but what happened to the ACTOR?

Salman Khan wrinkles only below his chin, Shahrukh’s face is so stretched that he starts resembling that weird Egyptian pharaoh..what’s his name, Akhenaten.



Salman can jump and fight and dance and love and hate in Dabangg2, never moving one facial muscle.

Aamir, in Talaash, looks like his face was freshly ironed before every shoot. Oh how I wish we could go back to good old times when aging actors developed character and became more interesting in time BECAUSE their faces had trenches, lives fully lived. Their faces had stories to tell. It seemed they grew more complex.

Now everybody’s main focus is erasing time from their features. Sad and silly. I can understand fixing the hairline esthetically and watching out for the weight so you don’t walk around screen all flabby. But godforbid, leave the face alone!!! march into your middle age with your head held high.  Dignified. Not plastified.

There should be a law that prohibits actors to get surgically enhanced or photo-shopped.

For heaven’s sake be who you are, like a good old wine aged to perfection in old and smoky barrels of oak. Why to run from time as if it were our enemy? why not embrace every line in our face, testimony of sorrows and joys.

Un(sub)titled Jab Tak Hai Jaan

The waiting game for Shahrukh Khan fans is over! :-) Romance is back on track.

After excursions into the underworld, Asperger’s and doing penance as a bespectacled nerdy protagonist, Srk romances his ladies again (I am just assuming since I don’t understand a word he says there..) in the Yash Chopra  directorial production hitting the theaters November 13th. His fans will rejoice to see Shahrukh again in a romantically relatable role starring alongside Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

Shall we book the tickets now? :-)


But seriously, I hope this will be a good film and not just an homage to our superstar.

Yash Chopra has given us unforgettable Bollywood classics like Veer Zaara. Read up on his impressive bio.


Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Directed by: Yash Chopra
Produced by: Aditya Chopra
Music: A.R. Rahman
Lyrics: Gulzar

Get out the champagne. We got a title: Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

found in Times of India

Shahrukh’s and Katrina Kaif’s new movie was christened, or rather hindustanied. I thought it took so long because Yash Chopra is getting up in age and might have lost the notebook where he scribbled  “Find a title to the new movie I wrote and directed, nah, what was his name? Shahrukh. Yeah, Shahrukh and this beautiful girl. wait, her name is on my tongue…”

But no, I was told by my stern critic and blogfrenemy Shahid Shah (who keeps poking needles into my Achilles)  that it’s one of Yash’s old marketing gimmicks and dates back to Veer Zaara. Needless to say, I am glad it wasn’t Alzheimers responsible for the delay.  Now all I need is have someone translate the title…(maybe: Until I find a lover??)

Looking fwd to Jab Tak Hai Jaan.


Shahrukh suffering from Ladakh blues


19 Aug SHAH RUKH KHAN@iamsrk

All alone on Eıd…on a thın wındıng road. Nowhere and everywhere. Just gave myself a hug after a long tıme. Wıll celebrate wıth happy wınds






a day earlier he tweeted:

First day breathing is a problem in Ladakh. u can’t speak long sentences…actually…u can’t. write…long. sentences. either…gasp gasp.


environmental learning institute










(I bet he lit a cigarette right after he tweeted that, which I don’t think is a good idea up there….)





OK,so  first of all let’s give him a group hug!  It sounds pretty much like he needs one.   And for good measure let’s blow him some happy winds! :-)

Poor Shahrukh, it’s the holidays blues.


Secondly, what I wanted to ask, what happened to the dots of the i?  too cold? they fell off? :-) I want to lose my dots too, they weigh me down all for sudden, and I am not even akeli in the Himalayas on Eid. are the dots supposed to make us happy? dotless looks like the new cool.






First trailer is out: Student of the Year

After Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,  Karan Johar’s first filmi baby in 1998, he  is ready to go back to school. Once again with Shahrukh, but this time as producer.

SOTY will be starring a bunch of newcomers.  Alia Bhatt’s got the acting bug running in her family. The other young actors, Varun Dhawan, Siddharth Malhotra and Kayoze Irani, actually,  all have Bollywood family ties.  So let’s just call it a family affair. :-)


Shirish Kunder can’t let it go…

Shirish Kunder gets on my case. It seems as if since slap-gate he’s harboring even deeper resentments. He is like one of these little vicious dogs who get hold of a passerby’s pants and don’t want to let go anymore…:-)

Shirish Kunder wants to get beaten up by Shahrukh Khan again?
Friday, May 4, 2012, 12:08 [IST]
Shirish wants to get beaten up by SRK again?

Movie DABANGG Success Party
It seems like Shirish Kunder has completely forgotten that he got beaten up by Shahrukh Khan for posting nasty comments on Twitter about Shahrukh’s movie Ra.One. Now, he has once again tweeted something that could provoke Shahrukh Khan to slap him one more time.

We Guess Shirish Kunder is not too happy with the Farah-Shahrukh Khan friendship. The editor turned director Shirish’s latest tweet is almost a dig at Shahrukh Khan.

Shirish recent post on Twitter reads, “A Kingmaker is always stronger than the King (sic).”

Even a child knows that Shahrukh Khan is known as the ‘King of Bollywood’ and it looks like Shirish is referring to himself when he says ‘Kingmaker.’

Not so long ago, Shirish Kunder had clarified on Twitter about his patch up with Shahrukh Khan, “Shah Rukh and I just met, had a heart to heart chat and have resolved all misunderstandings. All animosity is now sorted for good (sic).”

Wonder what went wrong this time?

Shirish…, Shahrukh Khan does not need to prove anything to anybody. He is a self made man and is the undisputed king of Bollywood. But you still need to prove yourself because till now your only claim to fame is your wife Farah Khan.

So, next time instead of your words let your work do the talking!
Posted by: Tarneet

IIFA heads back to Singapore. Why not NY, may I ask?

I am so jealous… I would love if this event  just once would take place in Manhattan!

I guess NY wouldn’t be such a great idea, afterall,  since there are too many actors named Khan that will run the risk to be detained at JFK…mistaken as possible security threats to the USA. Just imagine the ruckus, they couldn’t deal with Shahrukh, our Bollywood luminary, and he is only ONE Khan!!!!   now add:

Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Farah Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Imran Khan, Irrfan Khan,Saif Ali Khan…(well, they better don’t mess with him! could lead to a bloody nose)

Another solution would be to hold IIFA directly at Kennedy. Glam up the airport! Dress up   Homeland Security agents in Bollywood attire, let them swing a leg while they do their multiple background checks :-)





It’s back to Singapore for IIFA this year

iifa 200x170 Eight years after showcasing Bollywood’s wonder in Singapore, the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) is heading back to the City of Lions for its annual weekend and awards, to be held June 7-9.

Singapore will host the 13th edition of IIFA, which will have fashion shows, a musical extravaganza, and all the celebrations culminating into a glittering awards presentation ceremony.

“Our focus is to showcase the best of Indian cinema to the world. With the unparalleled success of IIFA Singapore in 2004, we are back here to relive the magic,” Sabbas Joseph, director, Wizcraft International Entertainment, said in a statement.

“We have only just opened the Wizcraft Event Management operations in Singapore and are delighted to showcase our most prestigious creation, IIFA once again in Singapore. We hope that the IIFA’s help bring India and Singapore closer together,” he added.

Bollywood stars Anil Kapoor and Bipasha Basu were here to unveil this year’s IIFA venue.

“It has been my pleasure to be associated with IIFA for over a decade and once again, on behalf of IIFA and the Indian film industry, we commit to give our audience in Singapore the opportunity to witness one of the finest celebrations of culture and cinema ever held,” said Anil, who is awaiting the release of his film “Tezz”.

Bipasha, looking resplendent in a white sari by designer Anamika Khanna, added: “IIFA is the most respected cinema awards and something I look forward to every year.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to be here in Singapore personally to represent Indian cinema on such a global platform. I’m sure that this year’s IIFA will be a phenomenal success.”

The IIFA awards this year are presented by Videocon Industries and Wizcraft International Entertainment, and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board.

The 2004 IIFA award ceremony witnessed a contingent of over 450 stars, celebrities, cricketers, industrialists and government leaders over the festive weekend.

The impact of IIFA Singapore was experienced across tourism influx, investments into Singapore and closer ties between India and Singapore.

This year, they hope for more.

Last year, the award ceremony was held in Toronto. – IANS

Shahrukh Khan ‘funambules’ through US immigration

On behalf of my country I want to apologize to Shahrukh  for the inappropriate behavior of these  immigration officers for making his life miserable for a second time in a row.

I understand if he never wants to come back here and that’s the worst possible outcome for his fans in the US and for Bollywood. It’s leaving a shameful mark and will make other stars weary.

I commend him for honoring his engagement at Yale University after this un-welcome ceremony. Very different from how VIPs are treated in India, btw…



I understand the importance of national security but I don’t understand what happened there at Immigration! Shahrukh has been in and out of this country for YEARS! how can they still detain him, scrutinize his papers?  I am sure Srk was able to provide the paperwork proving his speaking engagement at Yale. Couldn’t they make a simple phone call? especially after this fiasco a few years back. Certainly the US immigration computers will spit out the history with this global  traveler.

Having said that, immigration officers here and abroad are a pain in the neck on average. They are taught to assume the worst, I guess. I can still understand that one needs to be cautious as a rule of thumb, but for heavens sake,  MAKE THE TRAVELER feel welcome! Be polite, offer them comfort while you check out with the authorities with whom you are dealing with.

I had similarily bad experiences here in America before I got my citizenship. Israel, Italy and India’s officers aren’t much nicer either, truth be told, whenever they suspect anything fishy. So maybe 5% of travelers have something to hide, but 95% of travelers are clean, if not more! Immigration and custom officers treat everyone like suspects, criminals, especially foreigners. During their training as immigration officers they ALL should be taught manners, regardless with whom they are dealing with…they are so rude in general! You can do this job respectfully and honorably just as effectively.

If you are alerted to a VIP coming into the country, which I am sure Srk’s entourage did, be cordial. Immigration is the visit card of a country. A traveler is excited to be visiting a place other than home, excited to be there. If you are treated disrespectfully in the first five minutes you don’t want to conduct any business there anymore. I know a few who despise the country based on their first encounter with Immigration services! And this needs to change! I am not saying rice and flowers… but just manners, please. Show some respect.

Yale video and transcript below.



Best Bollywood Wedding Songs

Coming back from a phat Indian wedding in New Jersey. It’s easy to understand why Katy Perry and Russell Brand wanted to have an Indian wedding, what’s more in India, because if you have ever been to one you’ll be hooked and all other weddings will look boring to you. No one knows how to celebrate it better, grander and more joyously. This is my fifth Indian wedding I was invited to and if you know any NRI getting hitched in the greater NY region please send me an invitation. I can do Indian weddings every day and all day long. I’ll be happy to blog about it in return..haha

Well, yesterday’s wedding was truly fantastic with the bollywood-hunky groom arriving very traditionally on a white horse. The food was to die for, the venue well-chosen and I’ll share it with you here only because it was such a magical place for this grand occasion: The Merion in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. Wedding planners, check it out if you want something special for the big day..

This was a Sikh wedding,  which varies slightly in ritual from a Hindu wedding, where bride and groom walk seven times around the sacred fire. In the Sikh tradition you have prayers read from the holy book of the Sikh, the Guru Granth Sahib.

The Guru Granth Sahib – Holy Book of the Sikhs

at the end of the auspicious ceremony a sweet pudding is distributed. Truly a grand occasion. A wedding is marking a milestone in life. To be there and witness it is a blessing in itself, but when the celebrations take off to beloved Bollywood songs later on in the day after the completion of all ceremonies your heart starts singing to these beautiful melodies.

We don’t have that in the West. We may play disco music, hip hop, waltzes maybe, evergreens, Klezmer but rarely do we hear film music or are dancing to it. Tops, Saturday Night Fever. At Indian weddings you will hear Bollywood songs. Predominantly from movies with Shahrukh Khan.  Chammak Chalo from Ra.One is the latest gem from his treasure chest of super-catchy filmi songs.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi songs are never missing in action

go a lil retro and introvert

and then let it all go

Salman Khan’s songs are just a step behind. Dabangg high on the list:

and the sweet song Teri Meri of Bodyguard, for desert and a slow dance:

and we got a new hit song that surely will be making the rounds:

Mashallah from Ek Tha Tiger

Salman’s songs usually rock: Desi Beat from Bodyguard

Salaam E Ishq

and did I mention Tanu Weds Manu? Sadi gali

I always loved Khuda Jaane’s beautiful melody:

Oh lala from The Dirty Picture is running wild.

I’d definitely include Shava Shava

Mast Kalandar

Kajra Re from Bunty Aur Babli

going retro with It’s the Time to Disco from Kal Ho Na Ho

and if it were my wedding I would throw in Jaan Pehechaan Ho for good ole sake

Happening with Preity Zinta

and no wedding is complete without Bhangra

and the Desi Boyz

want to get your guests on the dancefloor? Papa Toh Band Bajaye

and or some romantic older songs like Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi

Have I forgotten Senorita for a little Spanish flavor and get the guests to dance?

or this song from Zindagi that makes you want to get married all over again

Here comes a new addition of a feel-good song, from the upcoming movie Khiladi 786 with Akki and Asin: Hookah Bar Song

and the Lonely Song, which won’t leave you much longer lonely if you shake your booty

and the most beautiful love song ever, Saari Saari Raat by Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

for a Punjabi wedding perhaps the little edgy… Shera di Kaum

dunno what the lyrics are about but I like the tune of Aga Bai from the movie Aiyaa

another nice dance song is Sheila Ka Diwani

and what could be more fitting than a song from Teri Meri Kahaani?

of course I don’t speak a word of Hindi, so some of these songs maybe inappropriate… :-p

and one last thing, there should be songs for all generations. grandpa and grandma need to have a good time too.

and here are a few more from Lootera: Sawaar Loon

actually every single song on Lootera is worth gold :-) get the soundtrack. I am addicted to it.

Ambarsariya from Fukrey

London Thumakda from Queen

Queen had many goodies, like this  Hungama remix

Oh Gujuriya…

Nahin Maloom from Total Siyapaa

I haven’t added in so long, I am sure I forgot to mention a ton of good songs, I would like to hear at MY wedding LOL

Anyways, see if you can get invited to an Indian wedding. I am ready for my next :-)


PS.  wedding planner on this wonderful day was no other than the lovely bride herself. If I’d plan anything big, I’d call  Enarmorme.      event-planning

35B South Van Brunt Street
Englewood, NJ 07631

Tel: (201) 439-9999