Akshay tweeting OMG songs but mum on Joker

You always wonder what it means when actors are not available for the promotion of their upcoming movies. Sometimes their schedule won’t permit and they are shooting somewhere else, but often it means there are differences and the actor is not happy with the end result. Or there was a mega fight on set, 8 on the richter scale.

I remember Abhay Deol shining through absentia during the promotion of “Aisha” – which I didn’t think was such a bad movie. It wasn’t GREAT but certainly enjoyable. And I loved Sonam Kapoor as his filmi love interest. I never figured out what happened there.. did he feel unappreciated? I thought it looked really awkward that Sonam was doing the promotional stuff all by herself. Doesn’t look good when the heart of the movie is a love story and only one half is showing up on the promotional parcours.

Now here with Joker we know it’s not exactly a love story, it’s about a village. But why isn’t Akshay Kumar mentioning the movie on twitter or anywhere else? What’s behind that? Apparently he is not so shy in promoting OMG Oh My God. a movie that won’t come out until end of September.

If you google News for promotion of the movie Joker, you will see that the Bollywood media octopus is scratching its head. The moloch doesn’t know what’s going on either. Farah Khan is stated as saying they want to promote the aliens and not Akki. What the….? Is she kidding us?  and that Akki and Sonakshi were ‘overexposed’ during Rowdy Rathore? Hey, that was a pretty bad movie! Not that it was Akki’s fault.

Now we learn that Sonakshi Sinha might skip all promotional gigs too. Akki complained about the lyrics of a song “I Want to Fakt You” not being family-friendly. Haha. He has a point there, I guess.  But  doesn’t FAKT refer to FACT and the A is pronounced as in PACKED? He complained also apparently about the fakt that Joker wasn’t released or shot in 3D, as originally planned.

Now my feeling is that if the end product is good and the actors believe in the movie, they will be happy to promote a film, regardless of differences, creative, financial or other.

So in this case,  are the actors pushed out of the picture and replaced by aliens in a new marketing strategy, as Farah Khan (the damage controller) wants us to believe or are Akshay and Sonakshi jumping from a sinking ship before it goes nosedown Titanic?

We shall see in the next few days.

Personally I have nothing against aliens promoting their flicks. It’s about time they get full recognition as a minority on this planet. I also pledge they should have access to free education and healthcare.











Shirish Kunder’s Joker hitting the cinemas

Shirish Kunder is back in the headlines, this time with his first cinematic oeuvre “Joker” and Akki is back with his irresistible smile. Sonakshi Sinha his leading lady. Choreography by Farah Khan.  I am in.

the trailer looks entertaining, the story, if I may say so,  ridiculous… which doesn’t mean it cannot be fun. Here is the synopsis I found on Imdb:

In 1947 when the maps of India and Pakistan were being drawn, an oversight ensured that the village of Paglapur didn’t find a place in either country. The village had the distinction of housing the largest mental asylum in the region and in the mêlée that ensued during partition, the asylum inmates broke loose, drove away the villagers and established their own republic in Paglapur. And that’s how it stayed for the next 60 years! While the world outside changed, Paglapur remained isolated, with no electricity, television or sanity. Now, decades after the world forgot this village, a NASA scientist of Indian origin, Agastya and his beautiful wife find themselves on the road to Paglapur. Agastya is working on a top secret project for creating a device to communicate with aliens. So why is he in a village whose colorful inhabitants include a man who speaks in gibberish, another who thinks he is a lamp post and everyone else who think Mahatma Gandhi is still around, fighting for independence? And more importantly, what are they going to do that will soon turn the universe’s spotlight on this forgotten village?


I just watched the trailer today for the first time on Namaste America. Not a big fan of Farah’s husband, whatshisname,  just kidding, but this movie looks like idiotic, moronic  and mega sillyonic fun. Not to be missed.



Maybe it’s just because I love Akki to death.. he can do no wrong in my eyes :-)

But a movie making fun of crop circles and UFOs is right up my alley.

I hope the movie is as much fun as its trailer.   And If it is, I take everything back I ever said about Shirish Kunder.  Or half of it.  Three quarter.

Oh man, I am just like a Bollywood villain, who at the very end of the movie asks the audience for forgiveness.  Be that as it may, I hope the movie will do well, not for Shirish exactly, who’s been mean to my idol Srk,  r’member that? but for Akki’s sake.

Ever since Slapgate, I’ve waited to thrash this movie, but now that I’ve seen the trailer, the wind is out of my sails and I am actually looking forward to it. But don’t be surprised if I go back to bashing once I’ve seen the whole film :-)

Bottomline, of course, is that I want EVERY Bollywood movie to succeed at the box office, since it keeps my passion well-financed and floating.  Wishing Shirish, Akki, Sonakshi and everyone else all the best for Joker’s release in August.

Question is, will it release here in the US?


Shirish Kunder can’t let it go…

Shirish Kunder gets on my case. It seems as if since slap-gate he’s harboring even deeper resentments. He is like one of these little vicious dogs who get hold of a passerby’s pants and don’t want to let go anymore…:-)

Shirish Kunder wants to get beaten up by Shahrukh Khan again?
Friday, May 4, 2012, 12:08 [IST]
Shirish wants to get beaten up by SRK again?

Movie DABANGG Success Party
It seems like Shirish Kunder has completely forgotten that he got beaten up by Shahrukh Khan for posting nasty comments on Twitter about Shahrukh’s movie Ra.One. Now, he has once again tweeted something that could provoke Shahrukh Khan to slap him one more time.

We Guess Shirish Kunder is not too happy with the Farah-Shahrukh Khan friendship. The editor turned director Shirish’s latest tweet is almost a dig at Shahrukh Khan.

Shirish recent post on Twitter reads, “A Kingmaker is always stronger than the King (sic).”

Even a child knows that Shahrukh Khan is known as the ‘King of Bollywood’ and it looks like Shirish is referring to himself when he says ‘Kingmaker.’

Not so long ago, Shirish Kunder had clarified on Twitter about his patch up with Shahrukh Khan, “Shah Rukh and I just met, had a heart to heart chat and have resolved all misunderstandings. All animosity is now sorted for good (sic).”

Wonder what went wrong this time?

Shirish…, Shahrukh Khan does not need to prove anything to anybody. He is a self made man and is the undisputed king of Bollywood. But you still need to prove yourself because till now your only claim to fame is your wife Farah Khan.

So, next time instead of your words let your work do the talking!
Posted by: Tarneet

Who is sitting in the doghouse now?

(I had to revive this blog-entrance from trash after i got called out on it. ok so there)

When SRK says  he cannot tell his kids of the tender age 14 and 11 years old  “the whole story”  … and ” it’s difficult to explain to them”… that’s sending Shirish Kunder pretty much to the doghouse, I would say.   Woof woof.   Now we are ALL aware that  Shirish behaved inappropriately enough so we can’t explain to our kids either, which then seems to give credence to Miss Malini‘s ‘eye witness report‘ that had made the rounds. gossip-the-shah-rukh-khan-and-shirish-kunder-story-blow-by-blow  

(I wonder how Miss Malini keeps up with everything that’s going on..)

The fact that SRK keeps his silence but hints that he wouldn’t be able to explain it to his kids is all for sudden the big white elephant in the room.  That’s what I call a verdict.

Oh,  I love Bollywood gossip.  Such drama.  Last year we had Romeo Shahid slinking out of Priyanka’s crib at five in the morning (don’t hold me to the dates and timeline). The year before we had Aamir  calling his dog Shahrukh, Remember that?   it escalated almost to a national crisis.. We had Salman crashing a party after things didn’t work out with his sweetheart Katrina.  And what about poor Ranbir Kapoor getting dissed by Sonam and Deepika? wasn’t that a juicy little scandal?

I don’t know how it feels to be the target of gossip, in my town we cultivate small potato gossip.  these stars, on the other hand, see their stories being printed in tabloids, with the whole nation watching and gasping. Every desi beauty parlor sizzles with hypotheses..  the sky is the limit of our  imagination!  The stars’ compounds are probably under siege as we speak… Paparazzis, insider spies, gossip is s a whole parallel  universe  in Bollywood, where movies are only one side of the coin and the stars lives the other.

From history we know that whoever sits in the doghouse of the public domain will sit there only for a limited amount of time.  Especially in India, redemption is always just around the corner and part of the life cycle,  masala the spice.

Accha accha, we got a new scandal. thik hai!!! It will keep us guessing at least two more weeks, what was that slap all about…  And while that’s being sorted out, we’ll make the doghouse nice and cozy for whoever needs to chill there for a while… :-)

The good news is, it’s already kinda old news.


Shah Rukh refuses to give his version of brawl with Kunder

Refusing to give his side of what happened during Sunday night’s fracas, Shah Rukh Khan today said he did not want to give “two versions” of the incident.

The 46-year-old actor made the comments on the margins of a function a day after the patch up with Shirish Kunder, husband of director Farah Khan. Kunder had accused SRK of slapping him at the party hosted by Sanjay Dutt.

“My children think of her as Farah aunty and it has been difficult for them to understand this whole issue. I do not want to give two versions of the incident. This is an entirely personal issue. “My children will get confused if they hear one thing from me inside the house and another thing in public. That is why I don’t comment on my personal life,” the actor said.

It is for the first time that SRK, who kept mum as the incident snowballed into a major controversy two days back, has spoken about it in public.

“It is very embarrassing for me to talk about this incident in front of my children. My son is 14 and girl is 11 and half years. It is difficult to explain it in the family,” he said.

Farah and Shah Rukh, whose friendship had soured few years ago, also sorted out their issues at the patch up meet initiated by director Sajid Khan.

“Farah is a very old friend. A lot about us has been written in the past two years. It has been very difficult for me to sit with that. It is nice to have friends back home. I am happy about it,” SRK said.

“Outsiders think that whatever people in Bollywood do is fun, even if it is personal,” he added.



and soon I’ll be sitting in the doghouse here…. :-)

Shirish Kunder who?

Let’s see what he is bringing to the table here, giving our Srk such grief, accusing the most gentle of gentlemen to have done what?  pulled his oily hair?… Shame on him. besides that he married INFLUENCE, I don’t see there is much to brag about. Jaan e Mann and Tees Maar Khan?

I need to know. Who is this Shirish Kunder?

12spec.htm  I say, this guy is pretty full of himself… I don’t think he will make too many friends in the industry if he keeps talking like he knows everything best.  especially given the results.  Tees Maar Khan sucked. (sorry Akki…cross my heart, luv you..)

Shirish Kunder Biography

He graduated as an electronics engineer from SDM College of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad, Karnataka and worked for Motorola. He later entered the film industry as an editor when he edited his first movie Champion (2001). He rose to popularity when he edited Farah Khan’s Main Hoon Na (2004). They got married on 9 December 2004. ….. I don’t want to be mean,  but  that’s really all I need to know :-)



now let’s pit that  for a moment against Srk’s achievements and status.  And what do we get?  a motive for stirring up trouble…. it’s generally called,  JEALOUSY  Hello…..  :-)

Whatever went down there at that party, Srk, dearest, we won’t know for sure, but I am on your side. And to Farah Khan I want to say… Love is beautiful but  could it be possibly blind?  just sayin….

Director(2 titles)

Hide HideProducer (2 titles)
2012 Joker (producer) (post-production)

2010 Tees Maar Khan(producer)

Hide HideWriter (2 titles)
2010 Tees Maar Khan(screenplay / story)

2006 Jaan-E-Mann: Let’s Fall in Love… Again (dialogue / screenplay / story)

and here is the whole Miss Malini Gossip link in its hour by hour glory:

miss malini’s timeline of the SRK/Kunder slapfest


so we hear they made up… Farah and Srk.  Let’s hope it’s genuine.  but once the third wheel is out of whack,  it will hard to keep the balance.

and that’s just my five cents to the shtick.  and yes, I don’t know anything about it.