Jism under the prism

First of all, let me say this: if a terrorist with Hooda’s sex-appeal, who can play the cello with his right hand and fire his guns with the left,  should cross my path, I’ll be happy to become a gangster-b*tch… Count me in. :-)  his abode in Thailand wasn’t too shabby either.

Secondly, my recommendation to Sunny Leone is, don’t give up your lucrative career as a porn-star quite yet… Oh boy, Sunny looked hot in all the right places (hey, didn’t she remind a bit of Zarine Khan?)  Lesson learned: porn stars are good at heaving their bosoms up and down at the mere thought of carnal love but have a very hard time walking graciously in stiletto heels, (which came as a huge surprise to me. I would have thought they master this task to perfection. And here is my  rule: if you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them).

Jism 2 reads like a cross-section of Mahesh Bhatt ideology.  He wrote a screen play where he can spit it all out, just barely shying away from blaming the government of being the ultimate terrorist organization, Mahesh knows he wouldn’t have many friends left if he went that far.  Biographical tidbits, remembering old loves, fantasizing over the power of love are interspersed in this father/daughter venture. But largely it carries the stamp of the  patriarch, the Maheshji.  We are made to believe terrorists are the true patriots? excuse me, Sir? They are artists at heart, poets, entirely misunderstood. Blowing up a couple of hundred people is some honest business because it’s for the good of the countrymen, who don’t realize that the institutions they trust are the true blood-hounds and devils incarnate, conniving with drug cartels and arms dealers. Terrorists are the pure-hearted ones… who want to save the world. blah blah blah… I guess that’s more Mahesh speaking… Pooja created the platform for the sensual that infuses the film with the honey of luv.

The  movie reminds me a bit of these endless and fruitless conversations with half baked pubescent conspiracy theorists.. Hooda’s performance is so convincing though that for a moment I want to believe it.  And had there been a stronger supporting cast the message might have had more clout. but  somehow the performances lacked in authenticity.. it felt all staged and too stylized to grab me by the throat.

So I guess, Mahesh Bhatt’s mission went unaccomplished here. Sorry buddy, but I just don’t believe in catering to terrorism and looking at terrorists through rose colored glasses.

The photography of Jism 2 was strong, the sets lush and beautiful. Everything on set neat and color-coordinated, like a Karan Johar trip.  The cinematography mind-blowing in parts, like the fireflies in Izna’s hair.. what beauty! must have been Pooja’s idea :-)

the songs were fantastic too. I loved the slow pace of the movie, the attention to detail. It had certainly a good deal of redeeming factors but on the overall, it missed its target.

Randeep Hooda is my new favorite actor, already since Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. He has a timing and a delivery that is unmatched. Not just good, he is a GREAT actor!! I can’t wait to see more of him. What a powerful performance. His best to date.

Great chemistry between him and Sunny Leone.  Even so, I dare to hope that the national security of our countries won’t be so easily compromised.  If a good rack and a nice tush and a juicy whatnot is all it takes to drive special forces into madness then let’s start re-negotiating contracts. And, we are doomed. Thank goodness it’s just a movie… :-)

Overall, I liked the movie better than I had thought I would. The story doesn’t hold up very well though.  at times way too much pathos and a height of emotion that just doesn’t didn’t translate and reach the audience. Only Randeep Hooda could convey something authentic.  Adult and seasoned men crouching on the floor over a woman with whom they had a few times sex, losing their minds over? forgetting missions and life goals?? Hey! Only in India… :-)


Sunny Leone lioness in disguise


Wow, she knows her business. If she does only half as well acting as she does what she does here,  we will be thrilled with her in Jism 2…

I am already in her quarter. Because:  you can LEARN from a woman like her!! :-)

Randeep Hooda must have had a field-day filming with her. Mahesh Bhatt probably lurking in the background and having dinner with her after the shoots, yeah, just to go one more time over the script…haha

I am kinda excited and very curious to see Jism 2, primarily because of Pooja Bhatt being the director.  I am favorably biased towards women directors. A) because I can relate to their views and B) because I feel there need to be more of them…

yeh kasoor from the movie Jism 2



Newest fashion trend for porn stars: burqa, anyone?

It sends the clear message: burqa me, s’il vous plait! :-)

I love it when the world turns upside down for a moment… today’s moment clearly belongs to Sunny Leone, the woman who is torn between being a porn star, a Bollywood queen or a devout Muslim.






Sunny Leone spotted in burqa

Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 11:17 [IST]


Sunny Leone spotted in burqa

Porn star Sunny Leone has yet again surprised us, but this time she did it in a different style. A leading daily reports that Sunny Leone had recently donned a burqa to meet producer Ekta Kapoor.

Leone is currently working days and nights in order to excel in her Bollywood debut Jism 2. Reports also say that Ekta Kapoor has finalised Ms Leone for Ragini MMS 2. Though this news has not yet been confirmed, it is believed that Ekta wanted to keep the secret under wraps, as the Bhatts did earlier in the case of Jism 2.

A source informed the daily that since Ekta wanted the meeting to remain a secret, Sunny wore a burkha and visited the former’s office, in order to sign the Ragini MMS 2 contract.

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Ram Gopal Varma serenading Nathalia Kaur

Never seen a more beautiful woman than Nathalia – RGV

Same cannot be said about RGV, hehe…

But hey, we are glad he appreciates the wonders of female beauty. Because beauty is universally appealing and for some reason Indian women are graced with a double dosis. Even those who migrated all the way to Brazil. Yes, she is beautiful, he’s not, but he’s talented. God never puts everything into one basket.

Does all this praise come after Sunny Leone, the next thing in sexy,  backed out? “We were trying for Sunny Leone but by God’s grace it didn’t work out Sounds like someone’s scorned. Or, perhaps it turns us into a believers again, how often do we cry after a lost opportunity and then a better one comes along… and wouldn’t it be nice if it were something as pretty as Nathalia.

…but wait a minute we talk about an ITEM number, which only Bollywood knows how to elevate to such celestial heights and get it discussed so thoroughly in the news.

We are all eager now to see if a star is born out of this item, so just bring her on, your new dream girl,  RGV.

Btw (Not that there was anything wrong with Sunny Leone, except she was serenaded by Mahesh Bhatt, another admirer of female beauty and she will appear in Jism2, where she will schmooze around with not just one, but TWO men,  to make her feel more at home, professionally speaking, and it sounds like she got the lead there, better deal).

SunnyLeone   check her out on twitter. Looks like she starts shooting inApril –  when love blossoms.

Never seen a more beautiful woman than Nathalia – RGV

Thursday, Mar 01, 2012

Nathalia Kaur hot 200x150 Ram Gopal Varma admits he approached Indian Canadian porn star Sunny Leone for an item song in “Department”, but things didn’t work out and the song went to Nathalia Kaur. The filmmaker is in awe of the Brazilian model of Indian descent.

“I never ever hid the fact that I am a devotee of a woman’s beauty. But not only in my entire career, but never even ever since I have consciously come of a mental and a physical age to perceive and admire the beauty of a woman, have I seen a woman more beautiful than Nathalia,” he said.

“Her beauty is truly electrifying and it just sparks out from every nook and curve of both her face and her body. Her face looks so classically beautiful and her body literally looks like the perfect embodiment of an ultimate female figure.

“This combined with her ability on cue to give any expression that is asked of her is what I think will happen in only once in a decade and in this decade I think Nathalia is that girl,” he added.

Nathalia will shake a leg on item song “Dan dan” in the film, which also stars Rana Daggubati and Sanjay Dutt.

Earlier Sunny was expected to do the song.

“We were trying for Sunny Leone but by God’s grace it didn’t work out or else we would have lost out on someone as divine as Nathalia and I thank God for that,” Varma wrote on his Twitter page. – IANS


link to RGV’s page on IMDb with his impressive body of work: 




The love affair has ended. The most beautiful woman on earth is getting married to someone else and got ousted from RGV’s next project. Her honeymoon might interfere with the schedule.

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