Foodie movie with Kunal Kapoor – beats the Giants!



Something spicy  is cooking in  Bollywood.  OMG, can it get any better?  A foodie movie with my secretbollywoodlove Kunal Kapoor!!!  Two great things coming together here.  Shabash!   This is better than the Super Bowl!  …not that I have any specific affinity towards the Super Bowl, except that the Giants play and for the sake of NY,  I hope they will win! But …


Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana hitting the cinemas in MAYYY!!   YAYYYY!!!!   




I wrote already a post  about Kunal being involved with this movie. What I DIDN”T  get into enough that this  is a FOODIE MOVIE and consequently,  as my second favorite genre, it deserves more of a write-up. Reason why:


A)  I like to cook


B)   there aren’t enough good foodie movies out there!


C)   there aren’t any Indian foodie movies that I know of, except the marvelously entertaining independent NRI Aasif Mandvi  movie: Today’s Special, which any foodie should watch!!

Cooking with Stella, written by the one and only Deepa Mehta and her brother, who also directed the movie.

   &  Cheeni Kum, with  Big B. but him being a vegetarian, I guess,  they didn’t get into the details of food prep in this London five star restaurant.  still a delightful movie


D)  there is never enough talk about Kunal Kapoor and I am on a mission here! :-)



Okay: here is my list of movies any foodie  should have in their library:



Today’s Special.  If you haven’t seen it, the DVD is available now. a grand performance by Naseeruddin Shah. but the entire cast rocks!



Cheeni Kum 


Cooking with Stella


Eat Drink Man Woman



Bella Martha






Tampopo (old one)






I should mention Julia and Julia, but I kind of fell asleep during the movie.  I heard it was  good. I thought it was long.