Shahrukh suffering from Ladakh blues


19 Aug SHAH RUKH KHAN@iamsrk

All alone on Eıd…on a thın wındıng road. Nowhere and everywhere. Just gave myself a hug after a long tıme. Wıll celebrate wıth happy wınds






a day earlier he tweeted:

First day breathing is a problem in Ladakh. u can’t speak long sentences…actually…u can’t. write…long. sentences. either…gasp gasp.


environmental learning institute










(I bet he lit a cigarette right after he tweeted that, which I don’t think is a good idea up there….)





OK,so  first of all let’s give him a group hug!  It sounds pretty much like he needs one.   And for good measure let’s blow him some happy winds! :-)

Poor Shahrukh, it’s the holidays blues.


Secondly, what I wanted to ask, what happened to the dots of the i?  too cold? they fell off? :-) I want to lose my dots too, they weigh me down all for sudden, and I am not even akeli in the Himalayas on Eid. are the dots supposed to make us happy? dotless looks like the new cool.






Ram Gopal Varma’s Vinsanity tweets

Either you love him or you hate him. You may just know his movies but hey, let me tell you, his tweets are a rare opportunity to get to know him better. So don’t miss the opportunity to check in on him every couple of days…
(from my inner conversation with:..)

Ram Gopal Varma


Indian Film Director & Producer


Most people are cockroaches nd most cockroaches are people.

(thank you, RGV for the deep insight. where would we be without you)

@chandu_koppolu:The max life span of EEGA is a week..But director RAJAMOULI for sure will extend it to 25 weeks”

I must get my hands on that movie. If you thought The Fly was awesome… then just wait for its Tollywood equivalent, but please don’t choke on this dramatic trailer:



Sudeep in the trailer is truly remarkable.alwys knew tht he ws a grt actr bt luks like Rajamouli mde hm outreach himself by leaps nd bounds

Idea of mkng a film on a common fly as the protagonist is a true curtain riser fr indian cinema to venture into hitherto unflied territories

(Cant WAIT for this film to come out. I hope they will show it in the US)

In sheer conceptual originality Eega looks like its miles ahead of Rajamoulis earlier blockbuster `Magadheera`

Eega trailer is SUPERB..check at I hv no doubts tht it wil b the mst path brkng vfx film to cme out of india

Inspite of me being on earth I still love the sun becos its brighter nd hotter

(You’re the second hottest thing, Mr. Varma)

Earth killed mre innocent men women nd children wth its barbaric weapons like tsunamis volcanoes etc so we shud all join hands to kill it

(Here comes the philosopher. And you know what? The man has a point there :-)  Ramji, relax, we are working on it. Hard.)

Earth hs alwys bn fucking us wth earthquakes killing millions of innocent ppl nd so I thnk its time tht we fuck it by switching al lights on

(well, basically we’ll fuck our wallets more than earth cuz as we all know all the good stuff gets recycled in one way or the other)

If ppl are truly nd really concerned about mother earth why don’t they ban electricity instead of doing stupid mandatory one hour cuts

(people are truly concerned about mother earth, but they don’t want to mess with you, cz how are you going to write your tweets if electricity gets cut off permanently?)

I always wondered who the husband of mother earth was?

(reflections in your darkest hour.. hate to break it to you but earth doesn’t require a husband to be a mother and incidentally, what does it make us, you and me if they aren’t married? As for the husband, i think he ran off, she’s a bit too wild for him. He thought she’s a slut, as a matter of fact,she certainly behaves like one.. .)

if nd only if mother earth promises to stop its earthquakes will I even lift my finger to even attempt to save it
(oh yea, baby, she’s been waiting for you to save her! 
– son to mother: “mom, if you don’t stop it with those earthquakes, droughts, floods and tornadoes, blizzards, thunderstorms I won’t carry your grocery bags”

@karthikfou: we in AP have earth hour everyday. Daily 3hrs..”

(it’s also called the romantic hour, candle light dinner included)

On the ocassion of save earth campaign I put all the lights on even the ones I normally don’t put on just to be different

(you see, I like that. A man with principles)

@pranavreddy4RGV:Its stupid to die for your beliefs because your beliefs cud be wrong.”


You can’t know what it is till u don’t know what it is


@udaynarayana:its only bcos there won’t be any more grand occasions after marriage that they celebrate marriages so grandly”.”

(from the man who has seen it all…)

@Nag_Anand:The early bird might enjoy the worm but the late bird enjoys the extra sleep”

@Nag_Anand:let’s nt Frget tht the reason why the big apples r at top of the basket is bcos a lot of little apples r keeping them up there.”

@raj_chindala:”if u are not thinking for urself u are not thinking at all””

Do Gods retire or do they just work once in a blue moon? If they are active every day hw come so many non sensical things happen evry day?

(truth is, one god doesn’t know what the other one is doing. Sad thing is even if you leave it to One, the result is the same.. Take me for example: Whenever I need him, the man is on vacation and the office is closed!)

@raj_chindala:”Most couples are happy for twenty odd years. Then they meet eachother””

(This joke is as old as the Bible, or in your case, the Upanishads)

Instead of commiting suicide why don’t they kill?

(Who what wha…. wt#ck: Duck!)

@raj_chindala:”The only thing whch is really worse than being completley blind is to have an incredible sight bt wth absolutley no vision””

(I’ve seen that in my Ophthalmologist’s office)

If loving one another doesn’t work you should just love another one

(as you did. btw, how did that work out for you?)

We learn smthng evry day, nd we also learn tht wht we learnd ystrdy ws wrong bt since evry dy bcms ystrdy it proves that we learn nothng “”

If hard work is what which makes u successful than all labourers would have been as rich as Mukesh Ambani

(a good one, Ramji sir, and keep up the good work)