Vidya Balan in Ghanchakkar

Vidya to play housewife in Ghanchakkar

By Bollywood Hungama News Network,May 14, 2012 – 04:17 hrs IST

After playing powerful characters in films like No One Killed Jessica, The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, Vidya Balan is now all set to play a simple housewife in her next film Ghanchakkar.

Ghanchakkar re-unites Vidya Balan with her The Dirty Picture‘co-star Emraan Hashmi. The film produced by UTV is directed by Rajkumar Gupta.

Rajkumar Gupta plans to shoot portions of the film guerilla style with hidden cameras on the streets of Mumbai

If THAT doesn’t get you excited, I mean, the prospect of seeing Vidya paired once again with Emraan Hashmi, with whom she shared great chemistry, apparently, on the set of The Dirty Picture, the name of the director gets ME excited!

Rajkumar Gupta  directed Aamir in 2008, a fast-paced thriller with Rajeev Khandelwal. That was a hellofa ride! the precursor of Kahaani… with a great performance by Khandelwal. I can’t wait to see what Gupta is going to do with a comedy (at least that’s what I read somewhere)  and such a wonderful actress like Vidya Balan. Again she is going to surprise us with a different take on her.  A housewife.  I appreciate Vidya’s never-ending search for novel roles. Plus, guerilla style, hidden cams, streets of Mumbai… I love the combo already.

If you haven’t seen Aamir or Kahaani, watch them. You won’t regret it.



India’s film industry is on the roll! Innovative scripts, new directors, new concepts. Bollywood is spiraling through transformations on high speed and deserves more credit abroad than it gets. I only hope it doesn’t lose its cherished characteristics on this fast ride.

Shabana Azmi to Vidya Balan… good or bad advice?





I dunno, yaar, but if you ask me it’s

the most stupid thing I heard an intelligent actress of the caliber of Shabana Azmi say to a fellow actress, to ‘watch out that if she, Vidya, that is,  keeps calling the shots in movies leading male actors won’t want to be starring in a movie with her’… what the..

I hope Oneindia misunderstood, misinterpreted, or misprinted Shabana…  vidya-balan-kahaani-warns-shabana-azmi-210312.html

I am saying,  our Vidya isn’t scared of ANYBODY :-)  and she should just go on doing her thing.  Taking the roles she likes.  Since she has proven to be box office gold with her last movies producers and production houses will line up doting to her.  She has to stay true to herself now and not get lost in mediocre scripts.  She should take her sweet time  choosing carefully the people she wants to work with.  I don’t think any male Bollywood star will reject her, actually, she will make them look better!  One thing is true though, I have a hard time imagining her with younger stars.  She looks best when working with mature and serious actors.

Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar wins big at the FICCI FRAMES excellence awards

link to Ficci Frames:   about.htm



I don’t understand a word, but I am posting the clip for those lucky enough to know Hindi.  I am listening cuz  there are bits of Hinglish that allow glimpses into the nature of the conversation.  and underneath a kind soul translated the essence:  Story is everything.  What the filmmaker makes of it determines success or failure of a film.

– which is only partly true, because if you think, for example, of Swades,  perhaps Srk’s best movie, the script is good, the music fantastic, the cinematography is wonderful. So why did it flop? I know tons of people who LOVED that movie…

But let’s come back to Rockstar, Ranbir Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali. It’s Ranbir’s most complex role up to date and he did a phenomenal job. P H E N O M E N A L.  I loved the story too. It sounds like such a cliche that great music or art for that matter should be the substrate extracted from sufferings, we don’t want to accept it but most often it has been proven true.

We have to have experienced the bottom, the abyss, to create something that touches the soul of others . We see it in artists that once the great success comes in the art suffers. Too good of a place is the kiss of death for the creative mind, who becomes too complacent, almost. too saturated.

I am going to be killed for it, but I am going to say it anyway. It’s not even a matter of compassion, love for others.  very often the great artists are intensely narcissistic and they can create greatness by just feeling sorry for themselves, but the suffering has to be there.  I found this to be true and so this movie Rockstar resonated with me

Ranbir’s performance was powerful, though a little uneven in places.. like in the beginning of the movie, where he appears a bit too dopey and naive… Nargis Fakhri was criticized mercilessly and sometimes I think unjustly. The role should have been given to somebody more experienced maybe, it was a gamble. I still liked her in this role.

Writer/Director Imtiaz Ali is so incredibly versatile, so gifted.  I am delighted for him receiving the award for Best Director!! Deserved!
These awards were wisely distributed. Rahman wrote beautiful songs for Rockstar.  Best film for Zindagi, my favorite movie last year. Not to mention Vidya Balan whose performances are just explosive. She starts looking like one of these mighty ancient Greek or Roman goddesses to me.

Mumbai: Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Rockstar’ emerged a big winner scooping four awards, including best actor for Ranbir Kapoor, at the 2012 FICCI FRAMES Excellence Awards.

The film, which chronicles the story of an aspiring singer, walked away with the trophy of best director for Imtiaz Ali, best music director for A.R. Rahman and best singer (male) for Mohit Chauhan. Vidya Balan received the best actor (female) award for ‘The Dirty Picture’.

The best film award went to ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. Directed by Zoya Akhtar, the movie featured Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol.

Meet the winners of the 57th Filmfare Awards

“The best debut male and female awards went to Vidyut Jamwal for ‘Force’ and Parineeti Chopra for ‘Ladies v/s Ricky Behl’, respectively, while Abhinay Deo was adjudged best debut director for ‘Delhi Belly’.

Usha Uthup and Rekha Bhardwaj jointly received the award for best singer (female) for the film ‘7 Khoon Maaf’.

Hosted by Mandira Bedi, the awards, presented by UTV Stars, featured performances by Usha Uthup and rocker Papon.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan was honoured with the award for maximum impact made by a personality.

The awards ceremony, held Friday night, was the concluding event of the three-day annual FICCI FRAMES conclave.

“When it comes to entertainment, India is reaching new heights with each passing year due to the efforts and passion of a set of people who are its driving force,” filmmaker Karan Johar, co-chairman, FICCI Entertainment Committee, said in a statement.

“With the FICCI Frames Excellence Awards, we hope to honour the best across the different media platforms. We hope the awards inspire all to excel,” he added.

The awards ceremony will be aired on UTV Stars at a later date.”




Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani, Vidya and Kolkata


If you have a tendency to bite your nails, this movie will leave  irreparable damage.  This is the first Indian thriller that really got under my skin.  Well, Johnny Gaddar was until now the one movie I would recommend to my American action-loving friends in order  to convince them that Bollywood isn’t all mush and romance, the bias most often attached to its genre. Sujoy Ghosh blessed me with another option.  From now on Kahaani will top my list. There are other decent thrillers but often they fall short in one or two other categories.

Apart from Vidya’s fantastic “Bidya” rendition, the whole cast was memorable here. They couldn’t have picked better characters for this movie. Kudos to the casting department. Incidentally, this is one  area Bollywood needs to pay more attention to: supporting cast. it’s what makes the difference between good and great. Its importance is too often overlooked.

Not so in Kahaani.  The clumsily scary hitman, the chief of police, the ambiguously good cop ( Parambrata Chatterjee), the foulmouthed Intelligence officer ( Nawazuddin Siddiqui ), the seedy hotel manager, all these characters came to life, embedded and hustling around in the gloriously colorful and bubbly city of Kolkata, grandeur of old, and microcosmic “galiya” (those narrow alleys. I hope i got it right)

Kolkata… ahhhhh! this is the reason why I love Indian movies taking place in India, chases through the narrow heavily populated streets,the food vendors engulfed in steamy hot oils, you can almost smell the spices, taste the delicious street food handed over to you in paper napkins. heavily spiced chais served in glasses, three quarter full…. It brings India to your front door. You want to jump out of your seat and go buy a ticket to Kolkata. At least that’s what I wanted to do..

The story of Kahaani is just as layered as its buzzing streets. A seven month pregnant woman in search of her husband who has gone missing mysteriously. At least that’s what you THINK you are watching… You can feel Vidya Balan’s heartbeat, a slight coat of sweat, her anguish mixed with resolve. Vidya Balan is again true to herself.  Oblivious to cameras surrounding her, instructions probably yelled out to her, she can tune all of that out – at her fingertips.  You know you are watching a movie, but you forget you are watching a movie…. you are watching her, you become her.  This is Vidya Balan’s genius.



After watching The Dirty Picture we could have been worried that she will be type-cast as the new Indian vixen, the new, authentically Indian sex symbol. But she beat us to it.

This is a roller coaster ride of a movie you shouldn’t miss!!

John Abraham injured on set. About the hazards of being a Bollywood star…

Our fearless Bollywood stars. Last week it was Vidya Balan, on the train tracks who escaped death,  now John got punched on the set of Shootout At Wadala (by mistake, wrongly timed punch)   hard on his precious nose, and don’t we love his nose, He was bleeding profusely, a doctor was called and he won’t resume shooting until March 9th. Not too long ago Abhishek Bachchan sustained an injury… if I recall it was his hand, no, his eye. His hand, that was another accident..(don’t have the time to google it).

Shahrukh is paying dearly for all his stunts of the past. He has been through so many crippling back injuries, surgeries… his doctors are in awe how he coped with all of it. Our Bollywood stars are No Sissies. They are THE REAL DEAL.  They walk the talk, ahem, the script. They do have stuntmen of course but from what I understand they do a lot of the risky stuff on their own. I am in awe!!  In Hollywood they got stuntmen who sit on the toilet in lieu of their actors, in Bollywood the stars dance on moving trains!!!


I can never forget how perplexed when I saw Dil Se for the first time and I kept rewinding to see if there was any special effect involved: No, there wasn’t!

and how can you not sing the praises of the whole group and camera crew… On Bollywood sets you truly live on the edge!


John Abraham nose punch:



Abhishek Bachchan on the set of Bol Bachchan



Vidya Balan’s brush with serious accident on the set of Kahaani



Srk accident on set of Don2:  (pay attention to “likes to do his own stunts…”)



and this is just the recent count, let’s not forget Koyla, the movie where Shahrukh almost got killed:



but the worst of all accidents in Bollywood’s history was Amitabh Bachchans injury of the set of Coolie, which almost cost him his life and has altered it forever.


There are so many examples of movie set heroism, near fatal accidents, I am bowing my head to our daredevil Bollywood actors! One more reason to love them…





Vidya Balan, deep as the sea, brave as a lion-ess



After the mega success of The Dirty Picture everyone now talks about her, but I loved her from the first time I saw her in Lage Raho Munna Bhai as Jhanvi.

I  chose her as my Gravatar because to me she is the essence of beauty, of strength and represents all that I love about Indian women. She is the quintessential Indian beauty exuding warmth and intelligence. She is a natural in front of the camera, at times you forget she acts… Effortlessly she slips into most diverse roles, never afraid to be caught in a bad camera angle (something that I always sense about beauty contestants turned actresses…). Vidya just plays away and sweeps you off your feet with her charm, her grace, her fire. Uninhibited and unpretentious, she is MY MUSE.

She is the Robert De Niro of the Indian cinema. Oh well, let’s say the female equivalent. She surprises you in every role. You just need to think of Paa and Ishqiya, No One  Killed Jessica and The Dirty Picture, cleverly chosen diametrically opposite characters.  How Vidya builds her career is very smart, avoiding being typecast.

In Paa, she plays Dr. Vidya, a gynecologist who is single-handedly raising a child suffering from a rare genetic disorder. In Ishqiya, it’s Annie, Get Your Gun

Krishna, her role in Ishqiya, is very un-krishnaesque. Here she is the mysterious seductress. She tastes of sun and earth, of love and destruction. The chemistry of the cast is palpable.  Here she plays opposite Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Varsi, a true killer cast!

In No One Killed Jessica, she slips into a totally unglamerous and  unflattering role, playing Sabrina, sister of the murdered Jessica, based upon a true story of an aspiring model, whose case seemed lost until justice was done years later. Again, a courageous role to take on.

which brings us to The Dirty Picture, which put her right into the spotlight this year where she plays opposite Naseeruddin Shah and Emraan Hashmi  in the role of Reshma/Silk, a seventies movie star’s rise. It has been hugely successful and we can only wonder what Vidya has in store for us with her upcoming movie Kahani. The sky is the limit for this actress!

Here is a taste of her next movie, Kahani:

The Dirty Picture

2011 Dum Maaro Dum
Mrs. Kamath
2011 Thank You
Kishan’s wife
2011 No One Killed Jessica
Sabrina Lall
2010 Ishqiya
2009 Paa
Dr. Vidya
2008 Halla Bol
2007 Bhool Bhulaiyaa
Avni Chaturvedi
2007 Heyy Babyy
Isha B. Sahni
2007 Eklavya: The Royal Guard
2007 Salaam-E-Ishq
Tehzeeb Hussain
2007 Guru
Meenakshi Gupta

2005 Parineeta

see you at the movies, vidya…