Kahiye, Schwarzenegger-ji, aj Taj Mahal band hai

I am reading about Schwarzenegger visiting the Taj Mahal and it was Friday and closed.  You would think  this could be hardly  a deterrent to Arnold



who once upon a time looked like THIS!! :-)    ok, so we know how politics can eat away your muscles.. (ask Obama)  and the more realistic picture is this:

Hey, don’t blame me… I sized it down to thumbnail for you, and I am not the one to walk around in a thong sized bathing suit…


In case of old Arnold, thankfully, it was  manners over muscles and for all we know he didn’t attempt to  jump the fence.  Sorry to bring this up, but no one in his entourage bothered to ask about opening times, hello?   which makes you wonder how he ran California…  little crash course in Hindi, like I did, wouldn’t have hurt, eh Arnold?  Well, next time he will know better  (although given his history…)


Oh boy, I just can’t get over these MUSCLES !! and how they jumped from Young Arnold and  telekinetically appeared on Rajinikanth..






read up on Arnold



One thought on “Kahiye, Schwarzenegger-ji, aj Taj Mahal band hai

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