Amitabh and Aishwarya: Love comes in all forms

Whenever I see photos of Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya together side by side, an overarching vibration of closeness in mind and soul between these two is palpable. They must be soul-mates, who somehow found each other amidst the torrid of reincarnations. .And I am saying this with no disrespect or impurity of thoughts. Not in a sexual way and yet much stronger than sex.

I am sure Aish has great love and feels passionate about her husband and Amitabh has great love for his wife, but there are other dimensions of love, and some beyond our grasp. He has fatherly love for her and she probably feels safe under his loving protection – just like we seek out a mighty oak tree  that shields us from the rain.

Their body language reveals  intimacy (on a psychological level), trust and the type of selfless love that brings out the best in us. We are lucky when we meet someone in life with whom to share such deep connection. He is her mentor, her tutor, simultaneously her (2nd) father and father in law. Probably to people around them a puzzle.

it doesn’t surprise me to read that he wants to build a college in her name. The ultimate honor and proof of love. An appropriate, educational  sort of Taj Mahal. One that will not make eyebrows raise and yet will be expressing perfectly his devotion for his darling daughter-in-law.

It’s the love Nietzsche talks about, the one beyond good and evil. A love no one can touch, pure and beyond reproach. One of these divine forms love can take on. Stories written on the canvas of the soul.


3 thoughts on “Amitabh and Aishwarya: Love comes in all forms

  1. The kind of love they are sharing will be revealed soon…such relationships are obvious per se but hidden for some time. He sure loves her and Abhisek is just a means for some end. Amitabh has always been a smart and cunning Kayastha.

    • just imagine how silly you’ll feel if and when you are proven to be wrong. Amitabh is way too honorable and respectful to breach this social contract. He is a loving father and a loving father-in-law. That’s all there is to it. If he strayed in his youth and took a break from marriage, that’s a totally different thing. His wife forgave him, hai na? that’s what counts

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