the looooong-awaited screen kiss

The Kiss

The Kiss

How many years,  DECADES,  have we waited for Srk’s first kiss? on screen, okay…. As for me,  since Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

After watching Jab Tak Hai Jaan  I have to say… too little too late, because for so many years he has been avoiding the kiss and alone the subject of it that, I think, we all made our peace with the hero who never kisses. Now, in a moment of midlife crisis, obviously,  Shahrukh plants one on Katrina Kaif. And guess what, the chemistry between these two wasn’t right. It’s not the longing and romantic, heart-throbbing kiss, it’s just  “a kiss” – with no attachments. No tingling in the air.  He basically sacrificed this last bastion of privacy for no good reason. I almost feel bad for him. check it out. He looks MISERABLE.

Probably it was Yash Raj’s idea, bad idea. And we can’t blame him..Anymore anyway. The kiss was supposed to be the dot of the i in his prolific and exciting career as filmmaker and producer. It hasn’t worked out as he had planned. Nothing in life ever does.  Right now he is probably up there in heaven, scratching his head, thinking to himself ‘ I had planned that so well and look how underwhelmed every one is with these lukewarm kissing scenes’…

Yeah, Yash. C’est la vie. We know how that goes with things we await so anxiously for so long…they always have a way of letting us down.


Akshay tweeting OMG songs but mum on Joker

You always wonder what it means when actors are not available for the promotion of their upcoming movies. Sometimes their schedule won’t permit and they are shooting somewhere else, but often it means there are differences and the actor is not happy with the end result. Or there was a mega fight on set, 8 on the richter scale.

I remember Abhay Deol shining through absentia during the promotion of “Aisha” – which I didn’t think was such a bad movie. It wasn’t GREAT but certainly enjoyable. And I loved Sonam Kapoor as his filmi love interest. I never figured out what happened there.. did he feel unappreciated? I thought it looked really awkward that Sonam was doing the promotional stuff all by herself. Doesn’t look good when the heart of the movie is a love story and only one half is showing up on the promotional parcours.

Now here with Joker we know it’s not exactly a love story, it’s about a village. But why isn’t Akshay Kumar mentioning the movie on twitter or anywhere else? What’s behind that? Apparently he is not so shy in promoting OMG Oh My God. a movie that won’t come out until end of September.

If you google News for promotion of the movie Joker, you will see that the Bollywood media octopus is scratching its head. The moloch doesn’t know what’s going on either. Farah Khan is stated as saying they want to promote the aliens and not Akki. What the….? Is she kidding us?  and that Akki and Sonakshi were ‘overexposed’ during Rowdy Rathore? Hey, that was a pretty bad movie! Not that it was Akki’s fault.

Now we learn that Sonakshi Sinha might skip all promotional gigs too. Akki complained about the lyrics of a song “I Want to Fakt You” not being family-friendly. Haha. He has a point there, I guess.  But  doesn’t FAKT refer to FACT and the A is pronounced as in PACKED? He complained also apparently about the fakt that Joker wasn’t released or shot in 3D, as originally planned.

Now my feeling is that if the end product is good and the actors believe in the movie, they will be happy to promote a film, regardless of differences, creative, financial or other.

So in this case,  are the actors pushed out of the picture and replaced by aliens in a new marketing strategy, as Farah Khan (the damage controller) wants us to believe or are Akshay and Sonakshi jumping from a sinking ship before it goes nosedown Titanic?

We shall see in the next few days.

Personally I have nothing against aliens promoting their flicks. It’s about time they get full recognition as a minority on this planet. I also pledge they should have access to free education and healthcare.










Golmaal in disguise: Bol Bachchan

Don’t get confused by the trailer, it’s not another Golmaal sequel. That will hit us 2013 if God is willing.

Rumor is that Golmaal’s director Rohit Shetty approached Ajay for Golmaal 4  (for a moment I lost count), who turned it down arguing that it might be box office suicide coming out every year with a new Golmaal.  Amen. But that’s not the end of it. Hey, it made money, didn’t it? So let’s make the same kind of movie with a different name.

Let’s call it Bol Bachchan, so we can rake in a genetically verified Bachchan, and then we come out with Golmaal 4 the year after…(unless the Mayan calendar proves to be legit…and there won’t be ANYmore movies at the horizon after 21 Dec 2012..only dust clouds. Hehe, I don’t think the Mayan calendar took Bollywood into consideration….The Incas couldn’t predict THAT. Golmaal 4 is already in pre-production and will steam forwards through the end of time..)

I hope you haven’t missed the other masterworks:

Golmaal Fun Unlimited, 2006.

Golmaal Returns, 2008.

Golmaal 3, 2010

The never ending Golmaals are a mystery to me. These movies are loud and shrill and silly BUT they seem to make people happy, and mindless fun is king. So off we go, let’s get wasted and check out the Golmaal lookalike feelalike Bol Bachchan to bridge the time.

Hey and we liked the All the Best: Fun begins, which Shetty threw in just for the fun of it in 2009…

Rohit Shetty keeps the industry going and Ajay’s career afloat. If I wouldn’t know any better… isn’t Kajol married to Ajay?



may I have a word with BiG Cinemas USA? “What the..#$@!”


What’s going on Big Cinemas USA? 10 movies opened on the 25th of May.  None of them showed on Long Island. There is one that has popped up all for sudden overnight and you can’t find a review on it, or any mention in any reputable media outlet…Taur Mitran Di. a Punjabi movie. I read up on the Indian film industry but I never heard of this one.

There are a few movies which would be much more appealing, like  Arjun for example. That would have been a much better choice since NRI parents want Indian mythology to be part of their kids’ upbringing.

We get a movie like Dangerous Ishq when it’s clear that Ishaqzaade has outperformed it in India. So why can’t we get Ishaqzaade here?

I cannot even count the times that we were deprived of nice Indian movies that had a good opening in India but never made it to NY.

And don’t I loooooove Big Cinemas reward system!!!!  I am kidding of course.  I have a card that I present when I buy my ticket, and since I see almost every movie that gets released here I am accumulating points and apparently free tickets but I can’t reap the benefits since a movie must have been playing for 10 days before I can redeem the free ticket. But movies are playing rarely longer than a week! so all this card does is make me angry cz it’s basically USELESS!

If you want to share your soda with somebody, bring your own cup because those paper cups are COUNTED. god forbid one goes missing!!!

I love Bombay theater in flushing. The staff is so very nice and accommodating but they look seriously depressed. Where is the advertisement to bring more customers to the now renovated theater? A better reward system would bring more customers. If snacks are too expensive people will bring their own snacks.

If you want to write to Big Cinemas USA, good luck. The website has been under maintenance for the last 100 years!

Altogether, I think, whoever is in charge up there must be pretty incompetent. The American market could be cracked open because Bollywood movies are a lot of fun but at the rate it’s going hopes must be dwindling. Between inadequate subtitling, poor distribution and marketing skills and other stupid mistakes it seems to be truly a Mission Impossible to get Bollywood rolling in the USA.

Gauri is turning to politics


…and you thought, Interior Design, right? Relax, she might still decorate your luxury penthouse. The politics I talk about is marital politics. Several articles mention that Gauri has not been seen in public at her husband’s side for quite a long time now, everyone is scratching their heads.. Can it be attributed to Srk misbehaving and cursing in public? smoking in public? slapping B figures in BW Tinseltown?  is it now SRK against the world, as some call it and does that world include Gauri?



Not to appear in public together could be interpreted as a symptom of marital discord. Should we care? of course we care.  As for me, Shahrukh is my first Bollywood love. When I discovered BW I watched ALL of his movies (even though I started cheating after that mission was accomplished, you can call me now a BW nymphomaniac). So whenever Srk gets press, may that be positive or negative, my ears become star trekky pointy and my radars slide out and zoom zoom hover hover over the various Indian media outlets. So now I am starting to ask myself… Hey, Boss, Kya Hua, Shahrukhie, what’s going on…

Once again,  we don’t know what happened exactly at Wankhede Stadium. But does it really matter?  We see photos of an enraged Srk, with veins popping. My goodness, what anger! It’s not important what it was that enraged him, it’s the fact that he is so out of control and makes me wonder what’s going on with him.  Maybe there is some marital friction.  Gauri staying away from public outings at his side.  Is he so easily inflammable lately BECAUSE there is trouble at home? because his last movies weren’t lovingly embraced by the public? a marital or career-related slump?

The key to all questions can be found with Gauri. She is a lovely woman and she keeps her mouth shut, but all these little scandals must get to her. Maybe it’s her way of trying to veer him back into her direction using marital politics. Hey, Mr. Superstar, she is saying… you let me go alone to Hrithik Roshan’s birthday bash, you didn’t come to Ritesh and Genelia’s wedding, you barricade yourself with Priyanka in your trailer to vent about ME, to talk about US?  We go to a party and you start slapping guests? Enough. Go to your cricket matches alone.  I just went all these years to do YOU a favor…This kind of thing plays out every day in relationships. If you don’t do this, I won’t do that.

This is what I call marital politics.  And after years of being a poster wife we see Gauri waving the red flag and stepping on the barricades all for sudden.  Marriage is a hard thing for any mortal. Imagine how hard it must be when you have everything in life you could wish for, money and fame to do anything you want? We all agree that things get particularly tough when you  either have nothing or you have too much.

But apart from that, most of married life is negotiating. It’s politics. Tit for Tat.  M.I.A?  We might be seeing  Gauri just playing her trump cards.

I cheer for Gauri.  Do your luxury penthouses, but sit the hubby down and tell him to behave. No more angry explosions.  Can we adore someone who throws tantrums? and I don’t care how justified they might be… In public, Be dignified.  We want to look up to stars, not down. It’s disillusioning.

It’s the public who creates their stars, enables them to lead those glitzy life styles.  Somehow they owe us.  At least some good behavior! That’s not much too much to ask for. Is it?

I hope Gauri throws in her political clout and gets him back on page One.

I don’t want to see this star loosing his luster and turn into a red dwarf. I love my little star. I want him to be bright and shining.

YRF Entertainment goes beyond Bollywood with Nicole Kidman in tow

YRF Entertainment announces its next film starring Nicole Kidman

MUMBAI: YRF Entertainment CEO Uday Chopra has announced he is joining forces with Pierre-Ange Le Pogam of Stone Angels to produce and finance the upcoming Nicole Kidman vehicle, “Grace of Monaco”.

The film, to be directed by Olivier Dahan (“La Vie En Rose”), starts production this fall in South of France. YRF Entertainment’s development head, Jonathan Reiman, will serve as executive producer, along with the film’s writer, Arash Amel. Inferno is currently selling foreign rights to the film at the Cannes Film Festival.

The movie tells the story of efforts by the late Princess Grace of Monaco (the former Grace Kelly, played by Nicole Kidman) to make peace between her adopted country and France. Grace, just 33 years old and having just given up an acting career to become Monaco’s First Lady, maneuvered through a political minefield to resolve the situation, as detailed in the film.

The project is the latest move by YRF Entertainment, a Beverly Hills-based production and financing company that is a subsidiary of Indian studio Yash Raj Films, to develop, finance, and produce English language films for the U.S. and global market. Both Uday Chopra and Pierre-Ange Le Pogam are particularly pleased to be teaming up to bring “Grace of Monaco” to the big- screen.

Chopra says, “‘Grace of Monaco’ is the kind of movie that has a perfect blend of talent and sensibility that YRF Entertainment is proud to be a part of. We look forward to a great partnership with Olivier and Pierre-Ange.”

Le Pogam says, “When I first read the script written by Arash Amel, I thought it was a great story to tell, with a lot of artistic, historical and emotional potential. This is why I invited Olivier Dahan to become the director because he has this artistic vision. When Olivier and I met with Nicole Kidman for the first time, we felt immediately she was the right artist to portray Princess Grace. When I then met with Uday, I had the same feeling after our conversation. He was obviously the right partner because of his beautiful vision of the movie. We are very proud and enthusiastic to be sharing the experience of working together with YRF.”

YRF Entertainment is currently also overseeing post-production on Peter Glanz’s upcoming comedic feature, “The Longest Week”, starring Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde, and has a slate of films in development.






Director/ Writer Olivier Dahan, who brought us La Vie En Rose, is an interesting character, multi-talented. Check him out here:   #Director

Nicole Kidman seems to be a good choice for the role of Grace Kelly, even though it’s hard to find someone who will do Grace justice. She was so incredibly gentle, Kidman has a few rough edges in comparison. I see more of Naomi Watts when I look at pictures..but both are great actors.

Grace of Monaco’s story was a fairy tale. I am so glad it’s being told. We know her best perhaps as Grace Kelly here in the US, where we remember her by Hitchcock’s  Rear Window, Dial M for Murder and To Catch a Thief, where she gave indelible performances.  She was introduced to Prince Rainier during the filming of To Catch a Thief.  And there were rumors that Cary Grant had fallen for her as well. She chose Monaco over L.A. and who can blame her? :-) This movie seems to center around her life as Princess of Monaco, though.


Arash Amel wrote the script. I couldn’t find out much about him except that he is on twitter  @ arashamel and that he has been working on different scripts.Besides Grace of Monaco he’s written the screenplay for  I am Legend 2 and The Expatriate. I am sure he has been cooling his heels elsewhere before writing for the Big League but let’s go ahead and ask him how he got those gigs :-)


Uday Chopra, son of Aditya Chopra, and now CEO of YRF Entertainment could be the driving force behind setting sails for the Mediterranean Sea, where he will be  joining forces with another European filmi powerhouse. Pierre Ange Le Pogam.

If we want to look a little bit behind the scenes we find an interesting bit of information about Pierre-Ange Le Pogam.

Pierre-Ange Le Pogam: In January of 2011, Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp announced the departure of co-founder and longtime Besson associate Pierre-Ange Le Pogam. Le Pogam then set up his own production, finance and distribution outfit, Stone Angels. Now, the company has Nabil Ayouch’s God’s Horses in the Un Certain Regard sidebar. Before starting Europa with Besson, Le Pogam was a longtime Gaumont exec during a period in which the studio put out such pics as Besson’s The Big Blue and The Fifth Element and Francis Veber’s hit The Dinner Game. Le Pogam honed his producing skills while partnered with Besson at Europa on such films as Taken and Tommy Lee Jones’ The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada. He now has projects in the hopper that include Grace Of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman and sold by Inferno and he’s co-producing upcoming French comedy Like Brothers starring rising talent Pierre Niney. Le Pogam also has a small role in that film, continuing his taste for dabbling in front of the camera. His other acting credits include Besson’s Subway, Cédric Klapish’s Ni Pour, Ni Contre (Bien Au Contraire) and more recently Eric Lartigau’s L’Homme Qui Voulait Vivre Sa Vie. The first film he’ll release under the new Stone Angels banner is David Cronenberg’s competition pic Cosmopolis.



Altogether it seems a great move again by Uday Chopra and YRF Entertainment. They are taking a calculated risk but are working with top talent. Good luck with this ambitious new project. I love to see India’s film industry breaching out, fanning into the West. One can learn from the other. New opportunities, new markets.  C’est magnifique.



The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This movie was disappointing and embarrassingly cliched. As if India is waiting for a bunch of UK reject retirees to show them how to sweep floors properly, run a call center and hotel, help with matchmaking, and, hello, HOW TO PLAY CRICKET?!

John Madden has gone mad. :-) Let’s throw in a dash of gay activism, unsightly and horny men running wild in the shower…Do we need to see that?  Postmenopausal, equally horny women trying to catch a maharaja… Gimme a break!

Besides, Bill Nighy and Judy Dench made a very unlikely romantic couple. sorry but they couldn’t sell us the chemistry there….

Dev Patel, self-deprecating, frantic and lost, trying too hard. On Imdb, he’s not even mentioned on the first page, which again, I don’t want to be mean but… it reflects exactly the attitude of this movie.   Tina Desae was a visual highlight with her sweet demeanor and vulnerability.

The best thing about the movie was seeing glimpses of colorful India. Even though, again, we got to see only shabby side and that’s not all there is.   The condescending treatment of India in Western movies is highly irritating. This movie, I was hoping, would turn the page but it didn’t with its eurocentric view, validating every prejudice there is.

Better movie about this topic was Shararat with Om Puri and Abhishek Bachchan

I was looking forward to The Best Ex9tic Marigold Hotel since last year and ended up being gloriously disappointed.

If there was anything I liked it was the performances.  Bill Nighy always lovable, Judy Dench, the whole cast – that was the best part.

Ironically, Caucasians in Indian films are treated just as poorly as Indians in Western films… I guess the world is what it is. Why get excited? :-)